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Daily Diary Saturday 23rd December 2017

Good evening/morning all you lovely daily diarists, I do hope there is still some planning going on out there and you haven't all given up in Christmas abandon and left me on my own!! Regulars, do your thing, newbies, follow their lead, tell us what you plan to eat on Saturday, calories if you're counting, any exercise plans and a Christmas themed tip if you like.

My usual motivation poster has been replaced by the 'corner of temptation' which was set up in our house yesterday, but hasn't been unleashed yet! Tomorrow is the start of festivities for us, with a dear friend coming over for a Chinese takeaway. So tomorrow is when my Christmas plan starts in earnest.

I am in such a different position to last year, but I don't want to deprive myself of some of my favourite things either, so my treats this year will be worked into a fairly generous daily calorie plan.

Tomorrow looks like this:

B - Banana, mango, strawberry, cashew nut smoothie - 200 cals

L - Eggs on toast with a few baked beans - 300 cals

D - Chinese takeaway - allowance of 800 - 1000 cals should see me enjoy it thoroughly, it is one of my favourites and I'd have it for Christmas dinner if I could. Ooh, good topic for discussion - who has alternative Christmas dinners??

200 cals worth of chocolate or crisps, or maybe a tiny glass of wine or vodka and soda.

Exercise - early morning food shopping!! Nice long walk out with the children.

Tell me all your plans!!!

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Lovely frantic day tomorrow. I signed up for an abdominal class at the gym. 15 minutes of burn. If I like it I'll sign up for upcoming classes. Then to join the maniac crowd. I'll be getting my girl a gift card at her favourite shop and a little something for my husband. I seen a Garmin watch with gps tracking. He loves tracking his miles whilst hiking.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast with coffee. 505 calories

Lunch - jacket spud with tuna and tossed salad 327 calories

Dinner - I'll have a think tonight


Ooh, good luck with shopping tomorrow ShadowDee, I ventured out today and it was busy but not too frantic. I hope the class goes well.

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lovely thoughtful presents ShadowDee.

Nice food, enjoy your drink.


Ooo good luck with the class :)

I need to get back to my eggs for breakfast as they do fill me up ;)

Not had a jacket potato for ages

Have a great day :)

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Hi Salcheq,

Just wanted to say how beautiful I think your Christmas cake is - it looks really lovely. Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas!

I've not made plans yet for tomorrow. But hopefully I will get out at some point for a nice walk. :-)

Have a lovely day.

Zest :-)


Thank you so much, my daughter decorated it. Hope you get your walk tomorrow, I'm just about to check the forecast.

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Lots of lovely tasty things there Salcheq thanks for hosting.

I have been really poor at DD the last couple of weeks, and when I do plan something comes along and changes it.

However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So - Brunch: 2 egg cheese omelette, spinach in cream and an avocado.

Dinner:crispy chicken, sprouts, cabbage and tender stem broccoli.

My first 6 visitors arrived today and will be here until after New Year with more joining Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day - no real idea how long anyone is staying, usually just take it as it comes.

Enjoy a wonderful time with your family.

Christmas dinner will be very traditional see with a lovely loaf thing for the veggie - but everyone likes it so all eat it. Then something special for son you can have no spices what so ever - strict FODMAP diet so no onions, several are dairy and/or gluten free so it takes a bit of thinking about but generally everyone is happy! i, of course am exhausted by that point!


Oh I do hope you get to have your crispy chicken Ceals, it always sounds so delightful. Must be difficult to stick to plan when you're being such a generous host, but I'm sure you'll stay moderate whatever happens.

Will be trying hard Salcheq!

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hi Ceals , sounds like you've got a lot on. Hope your day goes well and you enjoy all your visitors

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Will enjoy every minute of all of my visitors. It is pretty much open house here. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Wow so many visitors! Running around after everyone will surely be your daily exercise :)

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Good thought Jack. I will try and remember that!

Goodness me - 6 people until NY! I both love and am daunted by the idea!! You sound like a wonderful host and so thoughtful. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Wow Ceals sounds like you have your hands full

Lovely menu for today - what's Crispy chicken?

The chicken is cooked in the sous vide as I need it to be very tender then I shred and fry on coconut oil. Simple but tasty.

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Good evening Salcheq Thank you for hosting. Well my daughter comes today for a few days. It will be difficult for me she but I will cope.

Breakfast is porridge and fresh fruit coffee with skimmed milk. 250 calories.

Lunch cheese omelette 2eggs yogurt 300 cals

DINNER Fish pie fresh fruit salad and creme fraiche 600 cals.

Skinny latte mixed nuts 2 digestive biscuits milk in coffee. 500 cals.

1650 altogether. I will do 2 small walks morning and afternoon.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas.


Love the sound of fish pie, something I rarely get to eat. I hope your day goes well Caroline.

Tasty sounding menu! Have a lovely day.

mmm cheese omelette that's what I was having for breakfast when on holiday a couple of weeks back :)

Lovely menu

I ended having scrambled eggs on toast for my lunch my daughter made it.

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hi Salcheq , thanks for hosting. I'm doing my best with the planning, had my work do today but actually the portions weren't that big and I think I was more or less within target. Tomorrow we're collecting our first visitor from the station and going to a hotel for afternoon tea. Still got a bit of last minute present shopping to do and still got to decorate the tree. Want to go for a short run in the morning as I haven't been running for over 2 weeks and I can really tell the difference, not in a good way.

B- omelette with halloumi and mushrooms 290, half grapefruit 25

snack- Greek yoghurt, fruit, seeds 250

afternoon tea - sandwiches, cakes and scones. I will eat everything and guessing about 1000

Dinner- if hungry, veg stir fry 300. The next few days will be a challenge, so much food in the house. Hope everyone has a good day


Well done for sticking with smaller portions at the work do today. Have a lovely Christmas.

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Your breakfasts always sound amazing (maybe I will buy a grapefruit in the scrum later ;) ). Enjoy your tea!

well done on the smaller portions at the work do - mind you I think they charge a fortune and give smaller portions to make as much money as they can :D

have a great day and a good Christmas :)

Ha, love the picture. We have a sideboard of temptation which also opens tomorrow (except the fudge I made today which has already been attacked). I have weigh in tomorrow (hoping I was restrained enough on the fudge today as otherwise I've kept to my plan all week) and then I intend to relax a little and just try not to put on any pounds for the next week and a half.

I was trying to think about planning tomorrow but will be difficult as family wants to go out for lunch. But I'd forgotten how much I like smoothies until I read yours, so thanks for reminder.

B: smoothie of banana, frozen forest fruits, chocolate protein powder and either some yoghurt or as milk (about 300)

L: out. Will try and choose sensibly. Probably jacket spud and baked beans if they have it

D: family plan is takeaway but to be honest I'm just as happy with my own homemade version of fish and chips (about 500)

Snacks- yes! But will try and just have taste rather than overeating them all

Have a wonderful day :)


Enjoy that smoothie, I haven't had one for ages, so am going to give a few a whirl as a way of getting both mine and hubby's nutrient intake up during days spent eating not quite as well!! He is VERY fussy, but likes a smoothie, so great way of getting good stuff.

Enjoy those snacks mindfully, savour every mouthful and listen to your tummy, it'll tell you when you've had enough!! Have a great day.

I have a nutribullet I need to crack open in the new year - I will definitely be asking for recommendations when I get round to it! Smoothies are lovely!

Hope you have a great day and manage to choose wisely while you are out today ;) Enjoy the family time :)

Enjoy the chinese takeaway Salcheq! Due to a slight miscalculation yesterday I now have enough winter slaw to feed an army so assume all meals have (+ winter slaw) tacked onto the end ;) Fortunately I really like it.

B: Coffee. Toast (seeded bread) and butter. Banana. (500)

L: Breaded fish. Stir fry veg. (400)

D: Cheese omelette. Cauliflower cheese. (+winter slaw) (600)

snacks: winter slaw! satsuma


Lol Copperbird, can't beat a bit of winter slaw at Christmas, so yummy! And with cauliflower cheese too, perfect.

I will enjoy the Chinese, thank you. I love calorie counting so much as it allows me to still eat my favourites like that without guilt and beating myself up and then eating off the rails for a week!


What goes into a winter slaw? I love cauliflower cheese, mmm. Have a lovely day!

This is the recipe I was using - but more like feeds 5-6 than 2-3 :)



ooo I am interested in your winter slaw

Menu looks lovely :)

Link to recipe in the reply above :)


Thanks for posting Salcheq ! Hope you enjoy your Chinese this evening - how delicious!

We are off to my in-laws today and taking dinner to cook there.

B: Tea, toast, marmite

L: Homemade oat pancakes, cheese slice, avocado

D: Pieminister Mistlemoo Pie, sprouts and carrots

That comes in at 1580 cals which is just shy of the lower end of my NHS target which is 1599, so I will also allow myself 200 ish cals of snacks but no idea what my mother in law might have lined up.

I have planned the next 2 days of food on MFP as well to try and make sure I don't lose my way since my 2nd weigh in is Monday. I have put a pound on since last Monday despite sticking to my calorie allowance so I am hoping to at least maintain on Monday!!

Enjoy your day everyone!


I have to ask what is Pieminister Mistlemoo Pie? Sounds interesting

Wishing you all the best for Monday but I ate at the lower end of the calorie ramge to start with and didn't lose weight I then ate mid to high range and started to lose weight :)

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Pieminister pies are the best! This one has beef and chestnuts and other delicious Christmassy bits in. Thanks for the tip about calories, it's easy to get despondent. Happy Christmas xx

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Ooh, that sounds like a lovely pie!!

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Hi and thanks for hosting Salcheq

i have to confess I have not been planning since I got back off holiday and so am amazed I had lost 2lb the first week back and maintained this week - Planning really does help and I am back on it today :)

Hope you have completed your food shop and it wasn't too manic in the shops :)

Enjoy the walk and your Chinese tonight with family and friends :)

Breakfast - 3 naughty coffees (I still can't go without a little sugar but it has reduced significantly ;) ) 2 slices of Weightwatchers Danish (a wee treat, as I am trying to reduce my carbs ;) ) with plenty of butter - 1 dairy lea triangle and some humous - Wowzer 672 cals I wouldn't mind but I am feeling hungry even after that - need to get back to my eggs for breakfast ;)

Lunch - salad and pickles - and 60g smoked salmon if I can find it in the overflowing fridge :) 136 cals

Tea - not sure but roasted veg is a must - I have 723 cals to use for tea so that will be fine :)

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and so we eat our turkey meal tomorrow night and then Christmas day we have a cooked breakfast and then just some cold meats and salad etc

Exercise today - stripping the bed and fighting with the covers to put back on again (once washed and dried :D ) walking the dogs and if my eldest ever gets out of his room I will get on my cross trainer which lives in his room ;)

No tip from me today as my mind isn't into thinking it is having a day off :)

Hope everyone has a fab day :)


Ha ha, I laughed at changing the beds being exercise, I completely agree - it is like a full workout. My daughter used to have a high bed and that was like a full gym session! Hope you got your go on the cross trainer in the end.

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Lol no cross trainer today yet 😁 but there is still time 😊

I like how you've planned out your meals and know the exact calories. Well done. I'm still sorting that out. I've got the myfitnesspal app that has the calories for most. But there are still some traditional food that I am not sure about the calories for. I'll need to sort that out. So far i've had;

Breakfast - 3 slices of brown bread (240 calories) + mum's tomato stew (says 230 calories, i'll just go with that).

Planning lunch - Noodles (200 calories) + canned sardine (208 calories) + mixed vegetable salad (150 calories).

Dinner - Still figuring that out. Might do a Nigerian soup.

Biggest challenge is doing the HIIT workout that i've been promising myself i'll do daily. Havn't attempted it in 3 days. I need some sort of kick.


Hi, calorie counting is definitely a pain to start with, but note things down as you go and then you can refer to it as you go along. I know a lot of things roughly in my head now, and also know my standard meals so as long as I stick to the right portion sizes, I'm sorted. But it did take a few months to get right into the swing of it.

Have you done that workout yet?? We're cheering you on!

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I got a kidney infection so emergency gp gave me antibiotics for Christmas. I slept almost 16 hours yesterday. Not much appetite at the moment.

Breakfast was cereal and milk

Lunch was a yogurt

Dinner - inspired by ShadowDee will probably be a baked potato with tuna, Philadelphia light and salad.

Not feeling quite as bad as I did yesterday but sewing is probably going to be the only exercise I get today 😂


Sorry to hear that you have a kidney infection, Lindy. I hope you'll be feeling much better, very soon! xx

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Thank you x

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I hope you're eating enough and feel better soon LindyLaine, love the sound of that jacket potato.

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Thank you Salcheq for hosting today's Daily Diary, Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for all your support this year. :) xx

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