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Hi everyone!

I joined the community because I think I can be helpful with my experience and knowledge. I've been through many diets, "yo-yo effect" situations and workout plans and injuries. Therefore, I think it is better to give advice so that the others don't have to repeat my mistakes but learn from them. Also, I have tried different workouts for my problem areas, like butt and stomach, and therefore I know exactly what kind of workouts help and what not, and what and when to eat to lose weight so that it doesn't harm your health.

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Great to have you here!!


Welcome SchneiderF

Looking forward to hearing what you've learnt.

You may also find lots of useful information by visiting the Newbie page that Anna61 mentioned. There is a lot of information gathered there from others such as yourself who have been through their own ups and downs.

Perhaps join in today's weigh-in and the Daily Diary.

All the best.


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