Walking again with my Samsung Health app anyone else on it too?

Started my walking challenge again and today have managed 8777 steps or 6.37km I think that's nearly 4miles...So should have managed at least 4 miles by tonight. Also in that did 15minutes of "walk a mile" on youtube. Nearly managed to the end today just short by 5minutes. Hopefully will do the whole mile workout tomorrow! I'm measuring my targets on Samsung Health but I don't know how to share that on here... anyone else using the Samsung Health App for steps and walking etc...?


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6 Replies

  • Sorry Clematisa, I'd never even heard of it, but fingers crossed that you find others to walk with.

    You're going great guns so far, keep up the good work :)

  • Very well done Clematisa1

    We need you on the exercise challenges!! They’re in ‘Pinned Posts’ and there’s a distance challenge and a timed challenge 😊


  • Where do I find the distance challenge?

  • Sorry Clematisa1 but I don’t know if you were given the link to the Newbie Club? Here is the link


    This has lots of useful information about the forum and how to find your way around so please take time to read it thoroughly 😊

    The distance Challenge is called Kicking the K’s and you will find it in Pinned Posts on the Home page


  • So far today have done 4671 steps or 3.31km so that's just over 2 miles. I forgot to take a photo so have added my garden photo instead as that's where I do a load of walking - though the weather hasn't been very good - too wet this week to either scarify or lift the leaves...!!!

  • I have the app also and to keep track how much I do on my stationary bike! :)

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