Hit and Miss Week

So this week has been a little hit and miss, good and bad days. I’ve slipped up on odd days and then gone back to being good. This is the longest I’ve ever still stuck to a diet and writing down what I’ve eaten I usually get bored or think I can’t be bothered I’m going to eat what I want, I can learn to be happy in the body I’m in. Truth is, it always comes down to, well clearly I’m not else I wouldn’t keep wanting to go on a diet every other month to lose weight. I’m trying to keep myself on track. I’ve still kept off what I’ve lost, so that’s one step ahead of where I have been before. I’m just hoping I can get back into eating healthier things. I’m just struggling as I’m so fussy and end up resorting to easy unhealthy things. People have mentioned to look on the recipes but they don’t help as when I say I’m fussy, I mean probably the fussiest person you’ve ever met. I’m so used to eating carbs that cutting them out won’t help, so I’ve tried to cut them down. I’ve cut out pasta which I used to eat every other day as that is one of the main things I found easy to make a meal out of.

I dont eat any salad other than beetroot, I don’t eat any meat other than chicken breast or minced meat. I only eat peas and carrots for veg. I dont like fish, or mushrooms or nuts or peppers or anything that adds natural flavours to dishes. So as you can see I’m in a rut!

Any ideas would be really appreciated as I’d love to do healthy versions of food that’s quick and simple to make or I can make the night before to take to work in the morning!

Thanks for everyone who read my post and comments back. And thanks to all the positive people who have kept me on the straight and narrow on my weight loss so far! :D


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23 Replies

  • Hi Hannah21

    You have done well to keep off what you have lost so far, so well done you. Cutting back on your carbs will help. Why not make a list of all the foods you do like and try and find healthy recipes to make with them.

  • Thanks yellowrose that sounds like a great idea! I shall do that and then see which foods go together and make a meal out of it! Thank you! :D

  • Hi Hannah

    What a shame you have such a limited diet. No wonder it gets boring. Perhaps you should give some of the things you say you dislike another go and perhaps try adding spices to your food . Fish is low in calories and if it’s oily fish you get the added goodness of Omega 3 oil.

    Certainly you will be missing out on minerals and vitamins by not eating green vegetables. Chicory, asparagus, artichokes and broccoli all are particularly good for you.

    Why not get a book on nutrition and read up a bit on the health giving properties of various foods which may encourage you to broaden your horizons

    When you are on a diet you need to make every calorie count

    Best wishes

  • Unfortunately I don’t like fish! I think I’m going to do as yellowrose said and write down foods I do like and then match what might go well together! But I will try to introduce new foods and our taste buds change every couple of months I think. Believe it or not, this is the not fussy version of me being fussy, I used to be much worse ! 😂

  • I am so ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo picky. I don't eat eggs, cheese, wheat bread, pasta, milk, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, cooked greens, etc. I eat lots of fish and chicken and lean beef with veggies. I am bored too but I just eat it because I have to. I don't know what else to suggest except to try new things different ways and maybe you can find some new foods. Good luck!

  • It’s nice to see someone else who is also fussy! The problem is I don’t like fish and that would be something great to add to my list of foods but I can’t stand the smell or taste! I have problems with textures of foods too, I can’t stand the smell or taste/texture of bananas! I struggle so much! I’m hoping I can broaden my eating as time goes along, but believe it or not, I’m actually less fussy than I ever was before! 🙈

  • You'll figure it out. If not just continue to eat the same good stuff since it's worth it in the end.

  • Hey. Im a fussy eater too 🙈 I only eat chicken, minced Irish beef, beef and occasionally pork (bacon, sausage)

    Try and find a recipe with limited ingredients and make it your own version. That's what I do.

  • That’s true! I try to look at recipes and take out all the things I know I won’t enjoy and leave in things that I may enjoy. But it gets so daunting and time consuming that I end up giving up!

  • I've spent nearly 4 hours in the kitchen today and I'm still not finished

    I've made tomato &a basil soup

    Chicken & vegetable soup

    Chicken & mixed veg with pasta (small amount of pasta)

    All low calorie and fresh. It's not something I do often enough but needs must 🙈

  • Have you tried sweet potato before?

    I find sweet potato wedges instead of normal potato a good swap. They don’t take too long to cook and you don’t need to peel them just chop one potato into eight wedges mix in a baking tray with a little olive oil, salt & pepper (even a pinch of paprika if you like it) then bake them for about 35 to 40 mins at 200 degrees (or 180 for fan assisted ovens).

    They could then form the bases of a number of meals for you in the evenings, so based on things you said you like already, you could have them with chicken breast, peas & carrots. Or peel boil and mash them and use them to top a cottage pie and have that with peas & carrots.

    I think you are off to a good start though as you’ve realised portion control is so important (I struggle a lot with this atm). Perhaps you could also consider the snacks you are having, do you like eggs? A boiled egg is really quite filling and quite a quick and easy snack to make. I also like peanut butter and slices of apple 😋 but not sure if you like either of those?

    Finally with the pasta have you tried the wholegrain versions? I quite like them now although to start with I wasn’t too sure. When I do have pasta though I have to make sure I weigh it as I find it very easy to over eat. If you like making a bolognese try adding extra veg, chop up carrots small, chop up a celery small, even red pepper into small pieces. All of these should just enhance your bolognese rather than overwhelm it and therefore you might actually quite like them when cooked and prepared that way.

    YellowRose’s suggestion of making a list of all the things you do like was an excellent one, perhaps even post it on here and I’m sure you’ll be surprised about all the meal ideas you can get. 🤗👍

  • Sweet Potato sounds like a good idea and I do like paprika! One of my favourite spices! Thanks for the heads up on that, will give it ago! And as for chopping things into smaller quantities that might just work! Thankyou!

  • Sweet potato mashed with a bit of whole grain mustard is amazing.

  • Or you can puree them into a sauce. Sometimes that's a good way to disguise vegetables!

    I've also heard that you have to try something 15 times before you develop a taste for it, so maybe take something you only don't like a little and see if you can acclimatize your taste buds to it. I always hated yogurt, but really needed to solve the problem of what to have breakfast. As it seemed to be a good way to get protein into breakfast to fill me up, I decided to try having a bit with my granola and frozen blueberries in the morning. It worked really well: the granola and fruit disguise the aftertaste of the yogurt that I didn't like and I've now gotten used to it. I still wouldn't eat yogurt on its own, but find I don't mind it as part of my breakfast. And I don't feel the need to snake an hour after I've eaten! :

    Good luck! :)

  • I find veggies can taste entirely different depensing on how they are cooked, and what they are cooked with!

    I really dislike boiled veg, (I think from having to eat it as a kid!) But grilled, with garlic and a little olive oil, I LOVE. It's all about experimenting, especially if you can throw it all into a soup!

    And fish is so varied in their flavours! Salmon is a good 'starter' fish, as it's not very 'fishy' and absorbs other flavors wonderfully. Tinned tuna in salads (pasta salad!) , tinned mackerel in tom sauce on toast, cod and sweet potato chips, sea bass with rice, they are all wildly different in taste, so give them a go :) add oil, garlic, onions, spices. :)

    Do you like soy sauce? That's always good for adding flavour to veggies, too :)

    I think YellowRose55 advice is the best - write down everything you love/like and go from there. Just add one thing in a week from your 'no thanks' list! It's just food at the end of the day :)

  • I’ll give veg mixed in with other things a go! And sounds like a good plan adding certain things in every week! Thank you!

  • You are doing well Hannah.

    Just make a grid with all the things you choose to eat across the top then down the side write a name for each meal you make and tick the box for each food you include in each meal. You will be able to make some amazing combinations.

    Don’t forget that you can roast your vegetables too to give you another variation, roasted beetroot is to die for. You can do so much with Chicken and mince and don’t forget soup.

    Go for it Hannah21 you can do this!

  • Thanks ceals! Sounds like I’ve got a lot to try out so hopefully I can make it a tad more exciting!! :) x

  • I am sure you can.

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Hannah21 and well done for keeping on going! Keeping a food diary is laborious,, but it gets easier. I'm still doing it 5 years later - but it's an essential tool to allow me to continue to lose weight!

    Tell us what you do like to eat and I'll happily come up with some suggestions for recipes!

    Perhaps one thing to try and kill two birds with one stone is to introduce some new vegetables - but mix them with a small amount of cooked pasta into a pasta bake? That way you are getting the pasta that you enjoy, but reducing the calorie content PLUS starting to slowly introduce some new tastes?

    Something like this: bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/174...

    I oven roast or pan fry a lot of my veg - makes it taste completely different than if you boil it.

    You say you like carrots and beetroot? What about a roasted carrot and beetroot dish??


  • Thanks pineapple, that’s great! I use bbc good food recipes quite regularly, well when I was allowed to eat all the chocolatey goodness!

    I’m weighing in tomorrow. But I think on Saturday I’m going to sit down and go through what foods I do like and see what combinations I can come up with! But adding new veg in sounds good as it’s getting in more without making it the key part of a meal by masking it!

    Thanks for your advice and links! :D x

  • I am a fussy eater.... Heres my go to meals:

    Chicken and rice (mix in a bit of siracha chilli sauce - or a sauce you like) to give it a bit of spice/flavour. All I do is buy frozen mixed veg because I don't like salad. You can get a bag for £1 at Iceland and can use that for about 4/5 meals.

    I swap in the meats so Ill have chicken/salmon (you don't like fish so chose a meat you do like) also have some days without carbs, so your meat and veg which I had today, chicken (seasoned it with paprika so it had a yummy flavour) then another day do pasta and a tomato sauce with your meat, I use red/green pesto or just a tomato or creamy based sauce. no ACTUAL tomatoes though because I don't like them.....

    I love chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognaise, jacket potato with beans and a bit of cheese. Jacket potato with sausages... beans on toast mmmmm. dippy egg with soldiers!

    Just remember to add a portion of frozen mixed veg! :)

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