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So far to go

As I’ve lost weight, I’ve continually moved my goal weight. I didn’t realise I had as much to lose as I did and so I keep lowering my goal.

I was a size 18, am now a 16 - having lost 32lbs. I would have hoped I’d be a 14 now, and ideally I’d like to be a 10/12. But with 22lbs left to lose until my goal weight, I would end up being a 14 probably and still a little overweight. Lowering my goal makes it seem so far away and it’s just hard to stay motivated.

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I know exactly what you mean FGS0131 😕 I have lost a similar amount of weight, almost 3 stone, yet still feel fat and need a size 16 in some shops.

But I try to focus on other successes, I am much fitter, I look much smaller, and my BMI has gone from 35 to 28 which is a massive improvement.

I don’t know how we get passed this desire to be slimmer and start to feel happy with ourselves. I actually doubt that few women are competely happy with the way they look, which is especially difficult when you are younger.

Self confidence comes with age, and other successes in life. I remember you said you have just finished university? Are you working? Are you finding fulfilment in other areas of your life? My daughter graduated last year and has struggled to find work, accommodation and make new friends.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you

Wishing you well


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Dear FG

Sounds like you’ve done really well. Don’t lose heart. You can get there if you just keep going. Looking forward to hearing of your success

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You go! You are doing great! Keep up the good work👌👏👏👏😊😊😊😊😊😊


Don't give up!! You have do e so well so far. You're almost there. I have a long way to go.


Shop around! I recently got size 8 jeans in m&s which I know is a real cheat as m&s sizes come up larger (I know this because I'm a 12 everywhere else and in some shops 12s are even too tight - I just don't shop in those places anymore!). I'm a strong believer in the psychological effect of wearing clothes that make you feel good. Unfortunately in our culture that often means knowing the label says a number you're happy with. Make sure you're wearing the right styles. If you've changed size then you might find different styles suit you now. No need to spend a fortune. I bet you're very close to a 14 now. But some ace size 16s will give you the much needed boost to get there. Keep on top of measurements etc too - the inches seem to be as important to you as the lbs. They were to me, much more motivating in fact :)

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Hmm… 22lbs from your highest weight is a smaller percentage in comparison to 22lbs from your current lower weight. As you're smaller, it's likely the weight you do lose will be more noticeable. Hope this makes sense.

Let's say I'm 300lbs, and I lose 30lbs. That's 10% of my weight gone.

Whereas if I'm 150lbs, losing 15lbs would be 10%.

Losing 30lbs at 150lbs would be very noticeable in comparison to a 300lb person losing 30lbs, because 30lbs would be 20% of 150lb person's bodyweight.

(Sorry if their are any errors!)

I'm a lot larger than you. My starting weight was 308lbs, and I've lost 47lbs. My weight loss journey has been a secret, and mother and my little brother haven't noticed any weight loss.


Your doing great. And never let go of your of your motivation to continue on your journey. Remind yourself you can and will do this. Because as a good person can do this and never forget that!!!!!!


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