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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody has any tips for me. I have recently lost 5 stone in roughly 4 months due to eating less and moving much more however, I’m struggling to lose the remaining 3-4 stone. I have not got a structured routine where I eat 3 healthy meals. I feel I’m some what of an emotional eater and tend to get stressed throughout the day and wings and chips is often my go to food. I desperately want to try loads of new recipes but for some reason I’m unmotivated to do so and end up with convenience food. Due to my weight-loss as well as having a baby my belly is sagging, I’ve tried many at home workouts which I stuck to daily but for some reason I also gave that up. I feel I could easily reach my goal weight if I had a gym partner because I can’t get over my fear of going to the gym or going for a run alone.

Could anybody help me with



Motivation tips

And any other help will be welcomed . Thanks for your time 💖

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YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! 5 stone loss is incredible! I really should be asking you the same questions!!! Help me

What motivated you to lose 5 stone?

How did you do it?

What did you eat?

I think you will find some real insights in answering these questions for yourself... what drove you at the start? What’s driving you now to join this forum today?


For me - I just had enough of what I looked like. My clothes are cutting into my sides, I’m always tired, breathless and I know that I should be in better shape. I want to be the very best me. I don’t compare myself to anyone just me... so that motivates me, to think of the day I can just wake up and feel happy with what I see in the mirror 😊😊😊


Have a look at some of the incredible recipes on here... I stalk the daily diary pages for food ideas! People eat a wide range of meals and foods - it’s gives me a lot of inspiration for my own meals. And any that I am super interested in - I reply to the forum chain and ask people for more details or the recipe. People will always be more than happy to share 😊

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Tanya-T in reply to Lucy_D

Hi thank you for your reply, I’ve only just seen it! I suffered really bad depression during my pregnancy as well as after, with no support. My daughters father left us which drove me into a further depression. I knew that it wasn’t where I wanted to be and so one day I just decided to make a change. I started off with really small steps like getting up and brushing my teeth, then perhaps the next day I’ll do my hair and/or get dressed, (I also bought a skipping rope and would skip in the garden whenever I was bored, my goal was always 50 skips and I always exceeded it no matter how many times I stopped in between which was motivation for me) eventually I was doing the school run for my mum which turned into doing it daily which also turned into me walking everywhere and eventually I noticed the weight coming off. For me it wasn’t drastic enough, I was losing weight but not on my belly like I’d hoped and so my twice a day exercise routines stopped. However, I’m back now and prepared to keep going. Thank you for all of your advice I’ll definitely be taking it on board 💖

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Lucy_D5lbs in reply to Tanya-T

Your story is amazing, and you have come so far.... Keep at it x

Hi again Tanya-T

I've just replied to your post in the Healthy eating forum, and I had already recommended that you pop over here as well - as both forums offer great support, and I'm therefore really happy to see you've already found it. A great forum, lots of support.

Congratulations again on your achievements, and you're doing brilliantly already! I said a lot more in my other reply to you - so I won't repeat myself unnecessarily, but cheering you on!

Zest :-)

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Tanya-T in reply to Zest

Thank you for your advice, I’ll have a look 💖

Tanya-T Wow that weight loss and the amount of time you have managed to do in is incredible! That partly may be what’s causing your skin not to shrink back. Weight loss needs to be quite gradual in order for the skin to maintain its elasticity. From the sounds of it though, age maybe on your side (I am 56!)

Exercise should be something that you enjoy and that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. If you have a young family it might be easier to find yourself something you can do at home. Depending on what you enjoy this could be some kind of floor gym workout? You don’t need to have lots of expensive gym equipment and there are lots of videos on YouTube that you could look up for inspiration.

I don’t know whether you enjoy housework? But a good session of housework can burn significant calories! Put on some wild music and put your heart into it. If you do it at speed you can work up quite a sweat! The great thing is you end up with a nice clean house too.

Another option could be walking or marching on the spot. If you look on YouTube again you will find plenty of Leslie Sansome videos. The good thing about exercising at home is that you can do it what ever the weather and you don’t have to make the effort of getting to another venue.

With exercise the most important thing is just to move more than you are at present. Because of disability I find exercise difficult. I do around one hour of stretches and exercises but I try to do this one as many days of the week as I am able to ( at least 3/4 times a week). I put on some music that I really enjoy and I’m away!

It is inevitable as you get closer to your goal weight your weight loss will slow. Perhaps because it’s not coming off at the rate that it has in the past you feel that it is not coming off quick enough? But you will get there. You just need to keep on going 🙂

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Tanya-T in reply to Pineapple27

Thank you 💖 I’ve tried all of those things in the past and did stick to it for a while, I’m definitely ready to get back to it and so Leslie will be a good start for me! Thanks again 💖

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Hello Tanya-T . Well done on your loss so far, you must feel very proud of yourself :)

It's difficult to say how you move forward without having an idea of what and how you've been eating for the past few months. I would have hoped you would have developed some healthy eating habits during that time but from what you say that isn't the case.

Motivation has to be your own. Why do you want to lose weight? What will it mean to you? What will you do differently when you are a healthy weight? How will you feel about yourself. physically and emotionally? Have a think about all those things, maybe write them down and keep them somewhere you can go back to when you have a dip in motivation. Your question then is: do I choose what I want NOW or what I want MORE? You might find this helpful about emotional eating helpguide.org/articles/diet...

There are plenty of recipes here under Topics and you will get help with planning and food choices at the Daily Diary: here is today's healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

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Tanya-T in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you so much, the questions are a good starting point for me and I’ll get to it right away ! 😁💖

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Hi Tanya-T, try 16 mins daily exercise, pick 4 basic exercises, like touching you toes and arms above your head for 4 mins, lying on floor, 4mins leg raise, walking on the spot for 4 mins, or lying on stomach lifting 1 leg at a time for 4 mins. If you try and do daily, say an hour or 2 after you get up, when it might be right time for you, from which you can progress and get new ideas. Good luck.

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Tanya-T in reply to ary88

Thank you, I will definitely give it a go 💖

Four stone in five months is incredible - my father did very well to lose seven stone in a year... but he started at 24 Stone!

Have you got 3 or 4 stone to lose... or ¾?

I lost three pounds a week for a couple of weeks, then two pounds a week for three weeks, and I have been happy losing a pound a week since.

I think many losers find that as they get down to 30 or 35 BMI their weight loss slows down... you have done brilliantly so far, but you might just have to accept that you will not be able to continue to lose weight so fast.

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Tanya-T in reply to S11m

Thank you 💖 I currently want to lose either 3 or 4 stone. My current weight is 13 stone and I know it will be slower but it seems like no matter how much I lose my belly doesn’t go

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