TV Programme about 'Gut Health Diets'

Hi everyone,

On ITV tonight in the UK (Tuesday 24th October 2017) from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, there is a programme about 'Gut Health Diets' called "Save Money: Good Diet" and the information is as follows:

"Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh explore the popularity of gut health diets. Can feeding the bacteria in your stomach really be the answer to weight loss and staying healthy?"

I am going to hopefully watch this, as it's a topic I am very interesting in.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Zest :-)


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23 Replies

  • Thank for the heads up Zest, it’s a fascinating subject 😊

  • I know - I'm really looking forward to watching the programme - I've been reading about gut health, on and off, for a while now, and it's very interesting. :-)

  • Thank you for telling me I shall watch it. I think it is the one I have been watching each week. I have got it on record.

  • Fantastic! :-)

  • Please report back! I don't have a telly or tv licence so I won't be able to watch it... I'm interested in repopulating my natural stomach bacteria too. If there's any mention of post-stomach ulcers or food intolerances etc I'd be curious to hear.

  • OK, will do! :-) I will try to keep an ear out for those issues Ruth. :-)

  • Great, thank you for posting this Zest - something I am very interested in : >

  • Fantastic, I really hope it will be good. :-)

  • I would recommend reading Michael Mosley's book "The Clever Guts Diet" if you haven't already. He explains things really clearly and has some tasty recipes as well. I shall be interested to see if the program is as informative as the book.

  • Hi Penel,

    I have just finished reading that book - it was in my local library, and I agree that it was excellent!

    I also liked the recipes - I am going to try his Aubergine and Chocolate Brownie recipe, and will hopefully post that when I do it - as it sounds delicious!

    I agree that the book is really informative and well worth a read.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest, I will have a read of that, have you tried the Heal your gut diet but Lee Holmes?

  • Hi Kitten-whiskers,

    No, I've not heard of that one - but I'll have a look out for it - thanks for the suggestion.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks for info Zest

  • Hope you enjoy it if you watch it, Marylou54 :-)

  • Thank you Zest for bringing that programme to my attention I am interested in the G Plan following having watched it .My bowel is very sluggish and weight wise even though I eat healthy and dont have huge portions my weight seems to stick a good stone or two above what my correct weight should be. Its a good idea to see if the Library has a copy to save me adding to all the diet books I have spent money on over the years I will report on here how I get on

  • Hi shengorth,

    I would definitely recommend the library as a great free resource - good luck with your plans, and hope you have success. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi everyone,

    Summary of Notes from : Save Money: Good Diets hosted by Dr Ranj Singh and Sian Williams. (link to programme is at the bottom of my notes):

    A couple of people asked me if I’d summarise this programme – so I’ve tried to do so – but I am notoriously bad at being ‘short’ with my notes, so apologies for the length of this:

    Dr Gareth Parks (Consultant at The Royal London Hospital) spoke of Pre and Probiotic products and explained the process in terms of the gut being like a ‘lawn’ – with the Pre-biotics acting as the ‘fertilizers’ and the Probiotics being the ‘New seed’. Examples of pre-biotics include ‘chicory and jerusalem artichokes and examples of probiotics include live cultures (e.g. live yoghurts and Kefir). He concluded that money is ‘better spent’ on Live Yoghurt rather than the expensive powders and sachets, and concluded that “Balanced healthy diet and regular exercise” is key.

    On the programme, 3 dieters tried different Gut Diets and looked at how successful the diets were for helping them lose weight and change their gut micobes. This was on the basis of a University study in Copenhagen which had shown that the type and amount of bacteria a person has will impact on how successful a diet will be.

    The dieters were studied for a 28 day period and before and after measures were taken of their gut microbes and symptomatology, as well as their weight.

    Dieter 1 (Wendy) did the ‘G Plan Diet’ working out at £320 per month. She had acid reflux. She lost 28 pounds and her anaerobic organisms had reduced. Wendy felt it helped her acid reflux and symptoms were gone. She felt positive about this diet and said she would continue with it.

    Dieter 2 (Keisha) did the 28 Day Gut Health Plan, working out at £360 per month. She lost 12 pounds. She reported that her constipation and bloating were better, and the anaerobes in her gut had shown a 1,000 fold decrease. It was felt she had a ‘healthier happier gut’.

    Dieter 3 (Sonia) did The Gut Makeover Diet, working out at £319 per month. She was gluten and lactose intolerant. Sonia found it hard to stick to the rule of ‘no snacking’ and she did have the occasional snack. She lost 7 pounds in 28 days, and she reported that she no longer felt bloated, and that her gut “feels better”. The anaerobic bacteria had decreased.

    Conclusion of all 3 diets: G-Plan Diet was considered preferable as it gave the most weight loss and was considered to be the best value for money.

    Bone Broth:

    Dr Ranj Singh tried Bone Broth for 3 days, which is a pre-biotic. Cost £4.82 to make ?3 to 4 litres (I’m not sure what amount he said). “Gives the bowel a rest and starves bacteria, and allows space for good stuff to come back”. He disliked the taste, infact he described feeling ‘repulsed’ by it – however he persevered and in the end recommended eating the broth cold in jelly cubes, to be slightly more tolerable!

    He lost 1kg in 3 days, and lost half an inch on his waist measurement and he reported that it lowered his gas production. His stool sample showed a massive increase in Lactobassili (good bacteria) – they conclude that Bone Broth was acting as a Pre-biotic.

    Pre- and Pro-biotics:

    Ian Marber (Nutirtionist) talked about various pre- and pro-biotics:

    Activated charcoal – he felt this wasn’t worth the money – and suggested Peppermint tea is a good alternative.

    Kombucha (fermented tea) – this starts with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) – provides a concentrated source of probiotics and helps flatulence. He felt this was A HIT, i.e. a good source.

    Kefir (fermented milk drink) – it was suggested that lactose intolerant people can often tolerate this, and it’s easy to make at home. Considered a big GUT HIT, i.e. successful.

    Sian Williams tried drinking Kefir each day– and she found it quite difficult to tolerate. She tried an alternative batch of Kefir made with Coconut – i.e. Coconut Kefir but said she then re-tried Milk kefir grain again. Results: No difference in her faeces – her breath tests showed sluggish transit – more bacterial and slightly increased transit. Sian however did say that she will continue.

    I hope the above notes are helpful to those people who asked me to try to summarise the programme. But here is a link if you want to watch it yourself:

    Wishing everyone a great week!!!

    Zest :-)

  • Great - thank you Zest! I think kombucha is the one for me then. Also it's delicious and saves me money as a wine replacement. Interesting to think that a healthier gut enables weight loss. My weight loss not only coincided with joining this forum but also doc advice to cut out dairy and wheat - perhaps this had a positive effect on my gut bacteria... especially as it's turned out I'm dairy intolerant... And hopefully kombucha will be the factor that helps me maintain that loss :)

  • I have been very impressed that you've made your own Kombucha, Ruth. :-)

  • Thanks Zest :) I will watch that on ITV Hub!

  • Thanks Zest :) Will watch on ITV hub

  • Thanks Zest :)

  • Hi Abby14,

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Zest :-)

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