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Newbie..... 2 stone on in 15 months

Hey there everyone. I'm today just starting on the NHS plan. It has been a stressful few years and since July 2016 I have piled back on the lbs (just under 2 stone) - working out at about 1.5lb a month, just shows how easy it is too creep back on! I lost a lot with a intensive training and nutrition programme which was fantastic, but since then I have lost my mojo. With a big relocation and house move I have stopped training and been neglecting my nutrition. So today I have set myself up to follow the nhs plan. I've tried slimming world amd other fad diets all before but I know what to do and how to do it.... I just need to follow that through! So, hello everyone! i'm looking forward to being part of this group; taking on board all the advice and support and hopefully get back on the right track to a healthier happier me!

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Hi Hidden and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

Good luck with your first week.

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