Cupcake weirdos

It starts off with getting on the scales to see that I've put on two pounds worth of baggage so I'll go ahead and have a 'day diet blow up' to feel better and cheer me and the excess baggage up.

Excess Baggage:

We've done crap today so let's just go for it girlbiscuits. What will it be my little Rich Tea? Let's start the "let's start it again tomorrow diet" anything you want my love.

Hmm right let's calculate this out. Just a Diet Coke - with a couple of Big Macs, small fries as you do and three flake flurry cos why have two when you can get six. What you've no more flake flurries mate?

No worries, girlbiscuits will prance over the South Circular and scoff some icecream snickers at the late night store for compensation for this two pounds she put on when she got on scales in the morning.

Maybe put some custard creams in the mix just in case she gets the late night peckish pecks. Then we'll all sit on the settee and add in the whole bag of 'sharing' chocky bars with no actual sharing going on.

Tired of standing at farmers markets and staring so hard at cakes till they all think I'm a cupcake nutter. Need some serious help here.


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15 Replies

  • Hi girlbiscuits and welcome to this forum.

    You're not alone in going down the self-sabotaging route when the scales aren't playing ball. Done it myself and on a smaller scale, still have a tendency towards that now.

    The really good thing, is that you're clearly still fighting to do the right thing or you wouldn't have come here. You've also come to the right place, where all the lovely people here will help support and motivate you through those moments you've just described.

    When an administrator replies, take the time to read through everything they suggest, then do your best to try and stay hooked into this forum, even if it's just reading people's posts and their replies. There's a lot of strength and motivation to be taken, just from doing that.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks so much Tiggerr, really appreciate your support and encouragement at this hard time for me. Can't stand feeling the way I do anymore, it's been too many years of loathing and wishing things were better but not making the move to change things around. I'm definitely going to go through the posts as you said and get as much motivation and tips as I can. I don't usually but anything that will help me get out this rut.

  • Hi and welcome girlbiscuits sounds like you have a sweet tooth as well as a Big Mac's craving - do you realise how many calories are in those?

    Only you can lose weight, we will support you to make the right choices, but at the end of the day it's down to you making changes to your diet :)

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members, who are also just starting out. . Here's the link

    If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice

    I've also given you a week 1 badge.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Wow thanks Cracker10, since you've given me the badge it's made me feel I've got to do this. That's the thing, I've always been accountable to myself but it feels like there's a whole audience watching me win or fail, I've got to do this. Plus I really want to do this for myself after coming out a crap waste of time relationship. No relationship can be more crapper than how it was. (Don't think crappers a word but I'll use it anyway)

    Yeah I've definitely got a problem with focusing on stuff that's gonna blow out all my calories for the day, then having an all day food festival song and dance about it. Thanks for the link I'll have a look this now.

  • Look forward to seeing you around the forum :) There is plenty of support here :) And yes we will be watching you and spurring you on as well as giving you all the support we can :)

    Wishing you all the best n your journey :)

  • Hey we aren't watching you win or fail it's just experience and we are all learning and on the same journey. I am so glad to have read this as it's how I've felt all day - but sometimes days like this are actually more important than the 'good' days because learning how to deal with them is part of this being a life change and not a diet. We can do this!

  • aww thanks ideservethis!! feeling so encouraged to know I'm not alone and that I'm not being judged on here as I've felt on other sites. Definately agree about learning from mistakes which I've never thought about before you said it. Usually if I turn off the diet side road I go crazy for a couple of weeks and end up with an extra half a stone. Then feel bad about myself some more until I'm so saturated with depression that I can't do it anymore. So from today I'm holding up my right hand and agreeing that we can definately do this. Through the sunshine and the rain it can be done.

  • I have not experienced this, I love crisps and have very little control when it comes to them, cakes I can take or leave! Sometimes if I have lost weight (I am maintaining at present) then I do eat a bit more- usually crisps since I am under my target weight so I say to myself its ok to give myself a treat since I need to put some weight on!

    How often to do you weigh yourself? I do it weekly though occasionally I do it more frequent if I have been naughty. Have you measured parts of your body (mid upper arm, bust/chest, waist, hips, mid-thigh and calf), it maybe a good thing to do since even if you have not lost weight you may have lost cm/inches which may help you not having a blow out.

  • Thanks RG07. It all got a bit atrocious yesterday so I couldn't face going on the scales today but will have a look at it tomorrow and will see what's coming for me. I've tried measuring my waist but don't know if I'm doing it in the right place as the measurements change day to day so probably getting it wrong. If you've got any measuring tips would really help me.

  • I was like that with the whole measuring the waist thing. I went online to check it out and think I've got it roughly right now. Clothes often show you're changing shape, even when the scales don't budge.

  • Biscuits were my thing,gold medal for eating so many. I don't eat any know, completely stopped.i still eat puddings though.

    Good luck ,massive support and encouragement on this forum.

    Good luck.


  • Oh I love puddings, especially homemade spotted dick with custard. I'm the spotted dick maker champion but if I start mixing it now I'll blow out all my calorie allowance so won't bother.

    You're lucky you've got the puddings under control Gary.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement, I'm on day two and struggling.

  • Hi ,

    Cakefest today ,had to go running to try to burn off calories.

    Custard and puddings simply the best .

    Draw a line under day two ,start again.


    We all have blips .


  • girlbiscuits this made me chuckle :)

    I expect many of us have got off the scales when we have put weight on and thought oh to hell with it, I'll be naughty today. You know its counterproductive though.

    You have joined a great forum here and as Tiggerr has said there is a lot of strength and motivation to be taken from all the posts on here. Make sure you read all the information that Cracker has given you. Ask questions if you need to.

    Maybe you need to build some small treats into your day or maybe just for one or two days a week. I tend to keep my calories down a little during the week and have a Friday and Saturday where I am allowed a little bit more. My treats have changed enormously since being here though. Instead of a bar of chocolate, I would now choose to have a curry on a Friday night, but unlike a weekday night, I will have peanuts and poppadoms with it.

    It's all about mindset.

    The things you know you can't resist, just don't have in the house.

    Good luck with your journey downwards :)

  • Lol thanks Luigret!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and tips which I'll definitely will take on. Especially about saving cals for treats. I've got a problem where I'll keep to the allowance then go a bit crazy then end up with ground hog day disorder.

    I'll have to save some cals for Sunday as that's when it all goes crazy at my cousins house. Starts off with some stewed chicken and rice next minute the house gets cleared out. Like we've all done a Sunday house food clearance or something. Think I'll start wearing a gag when I go there.

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