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Just watching the programme on tv about Lisa and her amazing weight loss of 12 stone, unfortunately she has been left with tons of baggy skin because of it, she is able to fund an op of some £6000 pounds to have it removed, this is something I had not really considered that much, if I am left with that amount of skin there will be nothing I can do about it, cannot afford that sort of money, not a pleasant thought really, how do you all feel about this?


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4 Replies

  • My weight loss wasn't quite so dramatic but the loose skin is preferable to the extra weight. 😊

    I feel so much fitter and healthier that shows on my face. I've also been told I move differently and have better posture 😊

    Definitely worth the effort Eve60

  • I share your concerns Eve60. My GP told me I could have it done on the NHS if there was a certain amount of loose skin and I know off a couple of people who had it done mind you this was a few years ago. I assume it depends which Health Board you are in.

    The joker in me has decided big knickers will capture it all.🤣🤣

  • I have lost 6 stone and am a bit baggy. I have a low pain threshold and wouldn't consider surgery but I am glad Lisa has made the programme to highlight the issue. I have recorded the show and will watch it tomorrow.

  • I've just watched the programme, I have to say I was quite shocked at how much skin she had removed...a stone of skin! I'm full of admiration for Lisa Riley she has lost around 12 stone and she did it without any fad diet, she says on the programme that she didn't bother too much with scales it was the size clothes she could fit into that spurred her on, I can understand that and agree with her. What an inspiration she is, no pretence or posing, just honest, up front truths. Well done Lisa Riley.

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