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Keeping on track


off for my hour power walk on the beach. I am aiming to get to Harwich and back within an hour. I had a job interview today at Felixstowe so treated myself to a little flapjack bar. I'm moving very soon and my new house needs decorating right through..does this count towards my activity for the day!

Packing up I found my little mascot Hector Plasm and we all need a little buddy sometimes. Anyone want to come on the beach with me?

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What a lovely picture, Ggh! :)

I'd love to come for a walk with you, but I shall have to do it by proxy, with Hector Plasm taking my place :)

Decorating will certainly count towards your exercise minutes and some!! :)

I hope you have a smashing walk and that your interview was successful :)

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Good for you for the interview. You look fantastic.


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