First weigh in

Start weight 230 pounds

Goal by next Sunday 1 pound

Goal weight 209 pounds by November 15th


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12 Replies

  • Hi. I bet you can lose more than lb in your first week! Feel positive, let's do this!

  • 21 pounds in 17 weeks.. The countdown is on...

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • All the best with reaching your goal, you can do this :)

  • you will have 3lb off on your first week, i have every faith! Give it 100% and let's see the results! It's completely doable if you stay focussed! 💪 behind you all the way!😀

  • Oh thank you, this is a challenge now then 😁

  • absolutely and i bet you will smash it!! Remember that any loss regardless of how small or big is still and loss Ro be proud of! Go for it!💪

  • just read your post about being a size 22. I WAS a size 22 up until about 3 weeks ago. I have only lost a stone and already am down to a 20 and into my pre pregnancy little boy is 2 so you cab do the maths! It's been a long time of wanting to get into them but not doing anything about it......i promise you if you stick at it like what YellowRose55 has suggested for a month, you will notice a difference, you will have a sense of pride because you've followed through, you will have lost lbs and who knows, you too could fit into those 20 jeans. And by Christmas time, who knows. Give yourself a chance to prove it to yourself!

  • Best of luck with your goals

  • Good luck in your 1st week DriPea. Very doable and inch loss is great as well as pounds so make sure you take all your measurments. I have just completed week 5 of the NHS Healthy Eating Plan and am down 10 lbs feeling better in my clothes and down a jean size. My starting weight was 222. ☹ We can all do this together with the help of this wonderful forum. Good luck😊😊👍

  • Hi DriPea You can do this :)

    Can I suggest that you get up from your office chair once every hour and walk to the printer / talk to someone on another floor or other end of the office/ use toilets on a different level (but use the stairs and not the lift :) ) Just a couple of ideas to help you kick off the exercise part while working in an office like myself - yep these are some of the things I do in the day at work - more difficult when sat in an all afternoon meeting though :)

    Ok so you weighed yesterday, but have you taken your measurements? I didn't lose on the scales for a couple of weeks and eventually checked the measurements and found I had lost 5" off my waist in just over 10 weeks :)

    I was a size 22 and now swithering between 20 - 18 ;) so I know you can do this because if I can anyone can :) and we are all here to support you :)

    Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

  • Thanks for your suggestions, and yes you are right I should go for a walk more often, its so easy to get stuck in my job and forget that I have been sat for hours.

    I am overwhelmed by the response from all of you, its amazing to have so much help from people I don't even know!

    It makes me feel part of a group of people fighting for the same reason and it is inspiring. xxx

  • Hi DriPea this is a great supportive place to be

    I only made suggestions that have helped me and that are actually easy to incorporate into your day :)

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