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Small non-scale triumph

I've been following a low carb diet since joining but gave into craving for sugar yesterday evening by following dinner with a couple of biscuits and cakes. Miraculously though I stopped myself after the couple and logged them. Usually when I blow a diet I go all out and then I quit, embarrassed by my excess and lack of willpower. Plus (a) when I totted up calories and nutrients for day I was within budget except for the carbs (which were lower than I was expecting) and (b) I read you can have a carb heavy day every so often on low carb. I don't know about (b) but I feel I've made a breakthrough. Thought I'd share in case it resonates with any dieters on here. Today I feel better so hopefully I can stay on track.

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Morning FNRS

We all get those moments when we crave for something sugary so well done on limiting the damage and controlling how many biscuits you had and logging them too. Shows you have good willpower. Glad to hear your feeling better about it today.

To help you stay on track why not join in with the Daily Diary to get the extra support there.

Have a good day.



Some may not think it's much of a thing, it's only a biscuit or two, but being in control like that is going to have such a positive impact on how you progress. Time and time again people start and then fall off the wagon, only to get into bad habits again.

Well done and remember it wasn't a miracle, it was you making a food choice based on what you want to achieve, great job!


Great healthy life style choices


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