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What a waste

Just leaving America to return home .Having seen the amount of food that was wasted,i am now grateful for every mouthful of food that i take.

Such a shame that people don't eat and others waste so much .

I have managed to eat well,and go to the gym whilst away .I seem to have changed shape wise so that's a bonus .I did have a few drinks of alcohol ,but my caffeine intake has been reduced dramatically.

Wednesday weigh in ,here i come .

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Safe journey home and good luck for Wednesday!


Thanks Caz,

Hope you are well.


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Safe journey home Gary 😊


Wishing you a safe journey home, Gary, and good luck for your Wednesday weigh-in! Glad you managed to eat well and go to the gym, and that you're appreciating food - I also dislike wasting food - it should definitely be savoured and enjoyed! :-)


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