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What a difference


This isn't a blog about having weighed in and lost lbs or inches (this Monday had me losing a massive 0 lbs). No, this is about mood and how I feel generally.

This week I decided I was going to get back to basics. I'm being VERY strict with my food, making sure I record everything before I eat it, as I'm sure I'd gotten lax and been cheating or 'forgetting' to track things. I've also managed to get back to exercising, which had fallen by the wayside in the week before Easter and I'd not gotten back to it in the 2 weeks since. It's really hard to break the snacking and laziness habits!

Anyways, Sunday we went for a 5 mile ramble through the countryside, but I followed it up with a pub lunch of a delcious ploughman's. Yes, that cheese was delicious, but I probably didn't need to eat all of it. Oops! Well, Monday I decided to really get stuck into that 5k training app I downloaded. I've sice finished 'week 1' and will move on to week 2 on Friday. I've stopped myself from snacking mindlessly as well.

And you know what? I feel great.

I hadn't realised how low I'd gotten to feeling, knowing that I wasn't being good about food and exercise had me living in a constant state of semi-guilt. And then not seeing any results in turn made me feel even worse, and I'd end up sulking in the evenings, tired from work and so I'd skip working out. Not good. Breaking that cycle of guilt and depression only took a couple days of getting active and eating well. I know that exercise is supposed to release endorphins and make you happy, but I've never noticed any result like this before. I used to always resent the time I'd have to spend exercising, but that was always when I would go to the gym. I've been outdoors this week even in the rain (yay spring weather!), and it's made all the difference. Going for a jog outside with the dog is a hundred times better than working up a sweat in the gym. Sure, I don't have any fancy equiptment to tell me exactly how fast my heart is beating or how many calories I've burned, but I don't care as it's never accurate anyways.

That being said, can anyone reccommend a heart rate monitor or something similar for me to track how I'm doing? Budget is an issue at the moment as we've *just* been invoiced for the balance for the wedding in June and having to pay out more than £10k in a single month is rather hurt our bank balance, and we've got honeymoon to pay for as well!iness

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Decathlon. I got one for around £7, does the job!

Am looking into it! Thanks for the rec :)

aww keep up the work for your wedding day you will look fabby x


I agree with you being outside is fantastic! Download the Runkeeper app, it is free. It will give you all kinds of stats including how many calories you are burning per exercise session, whether it is walking or running.

Lovely post.

AussiebluesRestart October 2020

I'm so pleased you've found a way of exercising that suits you :-) that's what it's about not everyone will enjoy same stuff and once you find something you enjoy there is no hardship in exercising in fact if anything happens so you miss out you will find you are aching to catch up on it. Congrats on forthcoming wedding to. You'll be skipping with energy down the aisle and boogie and night away.

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