Metabolic Syndrome - At Last !!!! ( out of proportion abdominal fat )

Well well well ............ ruminating, as one does, on life, the universe, and my huge abdomen, I thought, 'I can't remember having such a large ( out of proportion large ) abdomen when I was overweight before........... maybe it's a re-jigging of fat, or something happens as you age ?' So, I started on an investigative quest......... it would 'appear' from my research that I have Metabolic Syndrome. I won't bore anyone, hopefully, but what it means, in fat terms, is those who have this carry a disproportionate amount of visceral fat, fat in the abdominal cavity; a big belly in other words in proportion to the rest of their body fat. In my case, undoubtedly caused by medication..... In really basic terms, from what I've read, sugar, and carbs, ( sugar by another name ) more or less goes straight to the abdomen, like a bloody magnet !!!! It can be 'managed' , low sugar, lower calorie diet, exercise etc etc etc..... So, mystery solved........ I don't want write more about Metabolic Syndrome as there's a reasonable amount of information on it and what can cause it, but if you are the same as me, have a big abdomen, disproportionate to the rest of the fat on your body, you may want to look it up or discuss it with your GP or practice nurse.


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8 Replies

  • I'm glad that you've unravelled your mystery, trierisme. Will you take your new found knowledge to your GP and have it looked into?

  • Good morning my lovely 😊 Yes I will. I've a gp's appt early May....... xxxxx

  • That's interesting as I carry most of my weight around my stomach. I know I am an apple shape rather than a pear one but it is ridiculous. It makes me look deformed. I am going to google Metabolic Syndrome now. Many thanks.

  • Deformed - exactly right ..... that's how mine looks ! Let me know what you think when you've researched it on google, I'd be interested to know!

  • Hi most of it was much too technical for me but I gather it's very common with up to 60% of older people suffering from it. It is especially prominent in those who are African/Asian.

    According to Wikipedia there are 5 precursers to diagnose it including diabetes and heart problems, and obviously being obese or overweight is a main contributor. But it said even in those who aren't overweight it can still be a problem. They blame sedentary lifestyles, the wrong foods, and lack of physical exercise too.

    I did know that fat around the middle is much more dangerous than fat spread round the body and it is worrying isn't it? I don't have any physical conditions with it.

    To be honest I am not sure any doctor would take it seriously as an condition and would just recommend the usual healthy eating and exercise. I find at 5 feet 7/8 inches if I keep my weight below 12 stone I can get away with wearing judicial dressing to disguise it such as tops that hang from my bust and skim over the area, but if I go over I can't disguise it except with maternity types clothes which just make you look even bigger! Clothes that cling in any way are a definite no no.

  • Yes it can devolve into medico speak but we get the gist of it ....... I do have, and this is not some perverse boast here ; fatty liver ( I'm teetotal) cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure...... now sifting through, it can be induced by certain meds. in my case anti psychosis meds, quetiapine.......... but yes, lilac, you're spot on, the 'answer' is the 'usual' ........ 😀

  • It will be interesting to hear how you get on at the doctors. In my experience many doctors are not keen on their patients coming in to discuss the results of their google search! Perhaps depends on how well you know your doctor? Unfortunately, as well, not many doctors are too clued up on diet and nutrition, they've just got so many other things to consider.

    The NHS advice to base your meals on carbohydrates is no good for anyone who may be insulin resistant/ have metabolic syndrome, or be on their way to having it. Cutting out the sugar and being very careful with the rest of your carbohydrates is the best way to fight the dreaded 'bulge'.

    This is a useful site for information, if you haven't already come across it.

  • Hi there Penel, yep you can see the gp's hackles rise when you venture anything from the Internet, with damn good reason 90% of the time I'm sure....... BUT, sometimes, it can be helpful..... I suppose I'm coming from the perspective that my diabetic nurse bemoans my belly, it would be some comfort to me, to have it confirmed that it isn't just me being a fat so and so....... not that I'm looking for false succour, I need to lose weight, period, but this disproportionate lump, bump, has been a mystery and I 'think' this may be why........ my gp and I have a really good relationship he's been a rock to me when I've been ill over the years so I think he'll listen with an open mind, he knows I'm not you're usual googler!

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