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Not as good end of week as beginning

After 4 positive days at start of week ,Friday came and did not count the calories ,got side tracked as my mobile crashed for the 2nd time in a month I was not happy and as result good habits went. Today I tried to make up for it ,I did go to gym and spent 2.5 hours in the garden ,mmm but think may have spoilt it by having fish and chips for tea from chippy as really could not be bothered to make something as a bit knacked after being so busy .don't expect I will have lost anything this week. Que se ra !

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With 4 good days and one not so good, I'm thinking that you'll be fine. Just don't let the one day sabotage you over the coming days.

Stay strong and I'm sure you'll be good!

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Don't worry one day at a time, we all have slips it's part of the journey to the new you, the trick is not to beat yourself up and get back on track. There's probably not one of us on here who hasn't been where you are, it's frustrating but not the end of the world.

So with positive thinking, you can do this, you want to do this you'll be fine, good luck

Kat xx


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