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Back to the beginning

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And so with a heavy heart I begin again after months of bad diet and no exercise. I will start the NHS app again! ( feel so down) will I ever finish it and be able to run properly .

11 Replies
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Tiggerr10 kg

Welcome back Mellowflake :)

For what it's worth, I've been using this forum for over 4 years and it's still a work in progress.

I see that a little while back you were contemplating following lchf, how did you fare with that?

Regardless of which health plan you follow though, my biggest tip would be to involve yourself regularly and maybe start by joining in with Thursday's weigh-in and the Daily Diary. Regular use of these friendly threads is a good way of building a support team, of maintaining focus, of learning and much more.

Best of luck :)

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Mellowflake in reply to Tiggerr

Thank you . I didn’t follow through with the lchf. Just need to pull myself out of this vicious cycle.

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Tiggerr10 kg in reply to Mellowflake

I'm sure you will.

The trick for many people is to do something different to what failed last time, so like I say, maybe this time, joining in might be the different thing that changes the outcome :)

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Hello and welcome back, Mellowflake :)

I'm inclined to agree with Tiggerr . I'm not sure why you'd go back to a plan that has let you down before and that you sound as though you have little confidence in - understandably. I can hear you sighing from here :)

I suggest you spend some time on the forum - the Daily Diary and weigh in could be particularly useful - seeing what plans people are following, asking questions, trying out different ideas and seeing where that gets you. I'll put my suggestion on the table: this is a straightforward, no gimmicks plan that doesn't need any counting: see what you think.

You'll find the Diary, weigh in and everything else you need by following this link to Pinned Posts. Why not treat yourself to a few minutes here every day while you find your way forward? Chatting, asking questions, encouraging others, joining in activities - it will all pay off for you

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bikegrrrlRestart January 2022

Hi, Mellowflake, great to see you.

Good advice there from Tiggerr and BridgeGirl.

Honestly, I would go for something that you think you can sustain for now, and take it from there.

Like Tiggerr, I have been around for a while - I reached my goal a while back but now have to work really hard to maintain a healthy weight (currently battling a small gain, thanks to taking my eye off the ball during lockdown, but as far as I am concerned this forum is here to help me keep it from becoming a large one, and I am so glad).

Don't think of it as a failure, think of it as support. 🌈 🌈 🌈

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I’m back here too! Re joined last week after putting on some of the weight I lost. I feel motivated and I guess start small. I’m cutting out the sugar alcohol and trying to eat between 11 and 5. That’s it. Im hopeful we can stick at this! I think this time I acknowledge it’s not necessarily all about the food... it’s my bad association with food to comfort emotions which are running high with three kids and home under 6 homeschool etc.... so I guess for me by realising it’s trying to regulate my emotions more than focusing on food, it helps me to break the cycle. A bit! I’m only 1 week in. Best of luck x

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bikegrrrlRestart January 2022 in reply to Maria821

Welcome back, too, Maria821!

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Fzrhunter3 stone

Never give up giving up. You can do this.

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Scaffie2 stone

Hi Mellowflake. I’m 59 and as I did my keepfit workout this morning I thought ’I don’t think I’m gonna be slim before I’m 40’. I often jokingly say I’m still trying to lose my baby weight (he’s 25). I think that was hiding from the pain. I know it’s really fed up making. First work out why you blew it, why you want to do it at all. Then what you can do to move forward. Allow say 10 minutes? Then put it away and be kind. Be kind and encouraging to YOU. I wonder if you can even do it for 5 minutes? I’m not minimising how jolly hard this is. It’s so easy to over eat, to cheat (like who am I cheating??), to stuff down pain with food, to not go and exercise.

But what if you do it for you? If you stay here on whichever day you’re on (I’m a proud Wednesday Wobbler), and tell us when you fail. I’ve been here 29 weeks and lost 16lb doesn’t look great but that’s more and better than I’ve done in 20 years.

I think you have done INCREDIBLY well to be here when you are so fed up. I look forward to hearing of your small improvements grow to big ones.

Oh and measurements are important too for those sts weeks when it doesn’t seem to shift.😀

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Hi Mellowflake. I have no advice but I just want to say that *you can do this*! We are all up and down, especially with all the uncertainty of Covid, the emotional roller-coaster and the fact we can't do all the things we want to do to help us in our weight loss journey.But you're back. It's a new start. Be kind to yourself and understanding.


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I started the C25k so many times but always gave up running but last yr I managed 10 km by the end of if I can you can. By the way I lost lots of inches so worth doing a measure of yourself. Every run is a run no matter how far.

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