Eek! High cal granola!!

Eek! High cal granola!!

Just had a delicious breakfast of Aldi luxury fruit granola, 75g (doesn't look much at all in the bowl!), with 125 ml semi skimmed milk and half a banana. Horrified to enter it into MFP and discover I had just consumed 524 calories!!!

Beautiful day here in God's own county (well Yorkshire, of course) so I'm off out into the "green gym" all day to try and work it off.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. 😊


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4 Replies

  • I've been caught out too ! Was delish though 😀

    Happy weekend


  • Stick to porridge, Tt, you know exactly what's in that! :D

    I bet it was delicious though! ;)

    Lovely pic, have fun in your green gym :)

  • That's exactly why I try to plan and pre-log my meals, that way I can choose exactly what will fit my calories and I can decide if whatever it is is 'worth' it!

  • I count calories every day, but I don't really restrict myself. I just like to keep a check, but I do the 5:2, so in theory I can (within reason) eat what I like for five days and restrict on just two days to 500 cal. It's been a long slow haul, lost 9lb over three months, would like to lose another 9lb or so. This way is sustainable for me. I don't ever feel deprived.

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