and after (or during!)

and after (or during!)

14 months later and 88 lbs lighter... life has become more rewarding and I feel as if I'm slowly regaining control. Making good choices to eat well, exercise, feel good about myself and enjoy each day. Still on the journey but life looks a lot brighter from this side of the weight-loss mountain!


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  • Wow amazing, you must be incredibly proud of yourself πŸ˜† xx

  • OMG that's incredible. You look like a different woman. Hats off to you young lady! πŸ†πŸ₯‡πŸ‘™πŸΎ you are an inspiration to me and have in fact made me cry! My 5 stone isn't so noticeable as I still have another 5 or 6 to go but you have shown me what a contrast there can be. You just have bought a whole new wardrobe.

  • It's taken me nearly 61 years to get to where I am... a new wardrobe is NUFFIN! Shopping is actually a bit of fun these days - that's another big bonus πŸ™‚

  • Thank you - but still a work in progress! x

  • OMG, Ros!! What a huge difference!! I wish I had a before picture, so that I could see how far I've come! Well done you, you've done brilliantly and look absolutely fantastic!! :)

  • Thank you! First time I've had the courage to post a pic of myself, and it's great to see how encouraging others have been. Support from a forum like this can make all the difference and I really appreciate every kind word and "woohoo!" x

  • Well WOOHOO to you then!! :)

  • wow you look amazing! yes you must be very proud - amazing achievement!

  • Thank you! Pretty much chuffed to the gutties πŸ˜ƒ

  • And great way to show all newbies on here what 'end' result looks like for someone real! Woo hoo!!

  • Have to take a second look in the mirror sometimes as I've spent most of my adult life hiding and avoiding it! πŸ€”πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely picture jeelbert

    You are an inspiration and you are looking so confident and happy 😊

    What an achievement!!!!

  • Thank you! Still working hard each day to make good choices second nature but really pleased with the results so far πŸ˜€

  • Bet you are 😁

  • Wowsers Missy! 6 stones off, that's phenomenal, and you look fab!!...xx

  • Thank you! - never thought I could make it this far but getting there one day at a time x

  • Have another πŸŽ‰woohooπŸŽ‰ that is truly amazing, you look like a different person, you must be so proud of yourself. A real inspiration:)

  • Thank you! So much encouragement is a real boost! 😊

  • Amazing!! Well done πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Thank you! Beginning to believe that the end is in sight 😳

  • Wow! This is amazing.

  • Thank you - still working hard to make it to my final target but I will!

  • this is great! you have done so well :)

  • Thank you! One day, one pound, one good choice at a time... but it all adds up!

  • It def dies, well done

  • Should say does

  • Thank you! Great to have so many positive comments from others 😊

  • It's the very reason we inspire to lose and keep it off , my 32lbs sounds very little compare to your big loss!

    Tho it has bade a big difference to me

  • Everyone is fighting their own personal battles, and no matter how much or little they have to lose it's an achievement when they get there. 32lbs is a big deal too so sending a woohoo! back to you 😊

  • That's amazing, you look like a different person, and about 20 years younger! You must feel so proud of yourself!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos

  • Never thought I would ... but so pleased I finally feel that it's not such a bad thing to do so now!

  • Inspirational

  • Thank you - and if I can get there anyone can... good luck!

  • You look amazing an inspiration to us all

  • Thank you - it's all do-able, just one day at a time x

  • Brave to post a pic! What an inspiration! Probably what I was looking for as I logged in.

  • Glad to be of help - support from this forum can be a life changer.. thank you!

  • How fantastic! You must be thrilled by the way you look. Huge woo hoo! from me. Your before picture looks so much older and so much less confident.

  • Hate the pic and hated myself but life's on the up... never thought I would feel good about myself again. Thank you for your kind words x

  • Not kind just accurate.

    I've lost 23 lbs and need to lose another 16 to be overweight rather than obese and then another 25 to be a healthy weight. You've made me think that might be possible - and I had been seriously doubting that I can do it. Thank you x

  • You certainly look like a completely different woman and so much younger too 😊You have inspired me - well done for posting your photos and thank you xx

  • Took the first year of my retirement to feel the way I should have done years ago. No going back! Thank you x

  • WOW jeelbert you look amazing!!! Losing 88 pounds has got to be a life changer - lump to butterfly :) It is so one day at a time there are absolutely no quick fixes. Inspirational :)

  • Wowser! I'm a butterfly? Thank youπŸ¦‹

  • You are amazing! Congratulations :D

  • Thank you! Getting there x

  • Fabulous!! :)

  • Thank you! Feeling gooood!

  • What an inspiring story. I am half way through my weight loss journey. I want to lose 50 lbs and have lost 26 lbs since the beginning of January. This is week 12 and have been feeling a bit 'wobbly' but your story tells me 'I can do it'! So its on with the walking shoes and out for a vigorous walk. Well done and thank you for sharing - it was just what I needed. Daisy

  • Thank you - happy to help πŸ˜€ I know how hard some days can be when you don't think you can make a difference but it's all worth it! Good luck x

  • you look really good- are you at your target weight yet? If not I bet you're not far off. Congratulations on your new look

  • Thank you - using the healthy range for BMI as my target and currently at 25.8 so nearly there!

  • Wow you look fantastic and so slim, I absolutely love your top it's my kind of thing.

    Well done you be proud of what you have achieved and how you look and feel now. ❀

  • Sorry just saw the before picture too, can you remember the programme 10 years younger? well you have achieved that and more but just loosing the weight no surgery needed fantasticπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • Thank you! Not used to all these compliments ... but loving it anyway! No surgery, no make-up, just looking better and feeling great x

  • Wow, you look great. Well done, what an inspiration.

  • Thank you - can't believe the difference at times but loving the change!

  • Wow and woohoo! You look great!!!

    One of my goals to lose weight is, "I'll enjoy having my pictures taken and I'll be happy to look in the mirror". I can see you already got there :) A true inspiration and a reminder that the rest of us can reach our weight loss goal. Thank you :)

  • Thank you for your kind comments - actually grinning when I read all the positive messages! Didn't realise that feeling good would feel SO good! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Wow, you have done amazingly well. You look brilliant. Well done 🌸🌸🌸 πŸ‘

  • Thank you - still do a double-take when I catch sight of myself but loving the change! 😊

  • That is absolutely amazing, jeelbert - you have given me new motivation to start trying again properly rather than "pretending" I am being good.

  • How easy it is to kid yourself on... been there, done that, still try it occasionally! .. but the responsibility for your own well-being is yours alone. Encouragement is great but it's your own choices that really make the difference. Once I got my head in the right place, I've been proving it to myself every time that I can make the difference, and so can anyone else. Good luck!

  • Fab fab fab jeelbert, you look great.

    So motivating for us, thanks for sharing. Jo x

  • Never thought I'd be such a role model! Thank you 😘

  • You look great i can't wait to get to that size.

  • Thank you - it's taken over a year but it took a lot longer to neglect myself so badly in the first place. One day at a time... 😊

  • Blimey!! You look amazing!! You must be so chuffed with yourself. Well done you!! :D

  • Thank you - you don't see the changes day to day but looking back to the start... well, kinda hard to miss! 😊

  • Tell me about it. I finally managed to put together a before and after, or as you say, during. lol. and I can't believe how much slimmer I look. I started with my weight loss about 4 years ago, I lost 2 stone then maintained for a couple of years. (sessions with my healthtrainer had finished so lost the motivation to carry on) Then at xmas my fella took photos and I was mortified!! I had put about half a stone back on but it crept up on me slowly, saw the xmas photo and though 'hell no!! no way is that happening and so found out about the 12 week NHS programme, started that, joined here and took up zumba and fitness. So 11 weeks on and I have now lost a total of (if my scales are to be believed this morning) 1st6lb. I shall post my before and after (during) pic shortly. The after one I've already posted as it was a piccy from my holiday in spain last week. :D

  • Good for you for not letting things get too out of hand! Too easy to slip back into old habits... this is a change for life, not just for a brief time at target weight x

  • This is very true. :D

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