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Clothes shops suggestions? I want to look good now instead of waiting until I lose weight!

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I have spent years wearing jeans and tshirts because I feel like nothing in the shops fits me and I look terrible in everything. I keep telling myself that I'll be able to buy nice clothes "when I lose weight" and that there's no point wasting money on "fat clothes".

But I think it would actually help me feel positive and lose weight if I feel better about how I look. I feel so drab these days. So if you have any suggestions for good clothes stores, online and in real life that suit a fuller figure I would be glad to hear about it. I actually like more outlandish clothes and vintage styles so anything out of the ordinary would be great.

I like the look of Gudrun Sjödén at the moment.

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I know this sounds a bit odd , but on my journey from a 18 to a size 10/12 I frequented some pretty posh charity shops and had some great outfits . iI really like the fact that I was able to give them back as I shrank and they could sell then twice :-)

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Try your local department store. Maybe Debenhams?? As they have personal shoppers .... they pick clothes that suit your size and body shape and may pick some clothes you would never dream of trying on but may look fabulous on 🛍 I think it's free with no obligation to buy aswell 😀

Good luck x

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I do the charity shop thing as well and just buy enough to keep me going until the next size down.

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I'm a bit of a cheap skate - primark leggings and long top/short dresses from Asda 😊 They will shrink with me 😊 Like you, I don't want to pay a lot.

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When I was bigger than I am now I was a NEXT fan. They have nice clothes which go up to a size 20/22. I always felt nice in their clothes

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TeganSara2kg in reply to angelainexeter

I always buy trousers and skirts from Next. They are very good with sizing for bigger sizes. So many other shops have terrible fitting bottoms!

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I like Yours. They have alot of casual clothes i like. Although i am looking forward to the day i can shop in normal shops! X

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I like Gudrun Sjödén too! I really like Oska trousers but they are so expensive so I usually wait until the sales for them.

Matalan do some nice linen type trousers which are super cheap (think I paid about £12.99 for ones I use for work).

Jaba Yard in the north lanes in Brighton have some very funky clothes too if you are down that way...

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TeganSara2kg in reply to Seuzan

I'm near Glasgow but thanks for the suggestion :)

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Tillets online they have some nice clothes for all sizes. The top I am wearing in my before picture is from there.

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