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Here goes

This is a couple of firsts for me. First time dieting and first time writing to a forum/community. I have to loose 6 stone. Why ? That's my goal. For that so many years I have been piling on the kg's. I used to be a muscular bricklayer, but through career progression has ended up in an office job, but my eating habits didn't change. Chocolate from the garage for breakfast, pies for 10.00am snack, sandwich for lunch with more chocolate, chocolate bar on way home, evening meal and a pack of dunkers with my cup of tea before bed. I was diagnosed as pre type 2 diabetic last year, but over this last year have managed to modify my eating habits and recent blood test show all clear. The only problem is the weight is there. So new beginnings. Weight loss and better healthier diet here I come.

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Welcome to best very best place for advice, guidance, hints, tips, comfort and challenge. Andrewm1972 this is my only foray into social media and it is such a friendly place to be. It is up to you which bits of advice fit with your lifestyle, which is the best way to go about losing weight in my opinion. Whatever you do needs to be sustainable. It took a long time to put the weight on and it is best to come off slowly.

Dr Michael Moseley book The blood sugar diet is really interesting in terms of research/information and has some really good recipes in.

Visit the forum often and join in the conversations, everyone will be wiling you on.

Enjoy your weight loss journey, make it an adventure with good. Don't forget to celebrate your success already by turning your pre-diabetic condition around.

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Hi Andrewm1972

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side of the screen or if your on a mobile at the bottom. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

Take your measurements at the start along with a photo so you can see the changes when the scales don't move.

We have weigh-ins every day so why not come and join us. You can find the weigh-in on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post and state your start weight and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

To get the best out of the forum be active, share experiences, tips and recipes. Read some of the posts they can be very inspiring and motivate you along the way.

Have a great first week.


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