Better me looking back

As Saturday is my weigh in day of choice. here i am, last week i weighed 11st 9lbs today i weigh 11st 7.8lbs so thats a loss 1.2lbs bringing my loss to 8st 4.2lbs, the more i lose i am now looking towards the "finish line" seeing what total amount im going to lose, i may just continue and see where i end, hope everyonr is doing well


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16 Replies

  • Fantastic Ryan ☺ you are doing so well to lose so close to your goal weight ☺

  • Thank you anna, yes nearing where i want to be, yes 1lb a week i will be happy knowing it will be more difficult with less to lose ☺

  • Well done 🎉🎉

  • Thank you ☺

  • You keep on keeping on impressing Ryan. A shining light to all of us.

  • Thank you tiggerr, hope your well ☺

  • You must be so proud. Well done, that's a whole person you've lost 👍👍

  • Thank you cockneyblue, and yes i am, mad to think thats the comparrison lol ☺

  • you continue to amaze me with you losses !.. Well done Ryan .. i'm so very impressed with the way youve tackled your weight and made such a positive lifestyle change to get to the weight that feels right for you xx

  • Thank you Claz, yes its defiantly the way thats worked for me,addressing my issues and working on them, looking for the positives, and focusing on the good ☺ hope you doing well claz and still losing x

  • yep im still losing... and seem to be averaging about 7lbs a month so im happy with that if it continues like that... hoping to be at my target by end of 2017 x

  • Good to hear, and 7lbs a month is great, you will deffo reach your target at the end of the year ☺

  • I'm at the beginning of the journey you've made Ryan and hoping I can reach the goals you've achieved. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Thank you orcadiana, well im proof that its possible, keep going youll get there ☺

  • Hi Ryan,

    Wow, you are doing brilliantly. Your "finish line" sounds like it's in sight.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi zest, Thank you and yes it defiantly is i think, no rush though taking my time and ill get there :)

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