February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 4 results

February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 4 results

Hooray! We did it! We made it to week 4. How are you all feeling? Motivated? Energised? Or in need of a little lie down... However you did you should be proud of what you have achieved and how far you have come.

moreless has very kindly compiled some stats from last week and look how well we have all done? Everyone made it over 150 minutes which is a fantastic achievement:

1. SlimmingEagle – 2,860

2. Tigger1965 - 1965

3. moreless – 1202

4. Anna61 – 660

5. LuckyLocky - 637

6. AnewMe2017 – 540

7. YellowRose55 – 472

8. lucigret – 439

9. Finnberry – 417

10. weightshifter – 406

11. Claz – 399

12. MissisB – 378

13. Newbiewl – 360

14. Sazkia – 344.4

15. Roset16 – 329

16. WannaCLessOfMe – 270

17. charliejack – 265

18. RG07 - 175

For week 4 I managed 60 mins Ballet Barre (and lived to tell the tale!) 90 minutes of yoga and 90 minutes of walking = 240 minutes. Quite a stressful one for me this week but we now have our mortgage and our son got his place at middle school for September so a big weight off all round. Very much looking forward to yoga on Friday to help unwind and then a very large gin and tonic!

Hope you will join me for the March challenge. Thanks again for all of your support with this one. x


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34 Replies

  • Hi Newbiewl,

    Thanks for running the February Foray and being good enough to continue with the Mad March challenge. I've found it extremely motivating and it really makes me think twice about vegging out on the couch! :D

    Last week's stats are amazing, everybody did brilliantly! We're certainly the Movers and Groovers!! :)

    Well done for clocking up 240 mins, that's brilliant, especially as you had a stressful week, with a lot going on!

    Good for you battling Ballet Barre, I don't think I'd have the courage for that! :)

    This week's totals for me, aren't quite as good as last week's, but I've got my grandchildren again this weekend, so that should see me racking up a few extras :D

    Running - 205

    Walking - 370

    Cycling - 300

    Strength - 70

    Total - 945 minutes

    I hope everybody's had a good week :)

  • Fantastic figures moreless 😊😊😊

  • Super dooper!! :D

  • Great work - you will be clocking up hours if you have the grandchildren - not minutes! Good luck...

  • Lots of happy news for you this week TheJuggler 😊

    Moving house/getting mortgages etc can be so stressful, and don't get me started on children . . . You do know it never ends? Even when they're adults?? Lol 😊

    I'm also delighted to be in fourth place on the stats 😊 Yippee 🎉 Go me. This week is a different matter but for saying I had the best part of two whole days in bed it's not bad 😊

    Walking 195

    Pilates 15

    Cycling 45

    Gardening 70

    Total minutes 21-28 Feb. 325

    Have a good week everybody and thank you for running this challenge newbiewl 😊😊😊

  • Fandabedozy, Anna, well done you :)

  • Ha ha thanks Anna61 Yes - people keep telling me that! Great work on your minutes and well done for your place last week.

  • Hi there and thanks again for doing such a fab job with these challenges! :D

    Okay I did a total of 448 minutes and 4 seconds, which was made up of:




    Weight Training

    Cross Trainer

    Home Exercise/dance

    Sazkia :)

  • That's a fab total, Sazkia, you must be feeling better! :)

  • Thanks, moreless :) I could have done more but near the end of the week I lost all motivation! :P I have done almost no exercise since, which is quite bad but I'm really not feeling it yet.

    Hope you're well. :)


  • Oh crumbs, Sazkia! That's happened to me so many times, I've lost count! Don't worry, you will find your mojo again, when the time's right :)

  • Great work! What a nice variety.

  • ANewMe2017 had to rush off before you posted the thread, Newbiewl, so here are their stats :)

    C25K 120

    Walking 295

    Kinetic challenge 90

    Pilates 30

    Cycling 90

    Total 625

  • I have my results - bring out the triangle.

    Active Fitbit - 260'


    Cross Trainer - 10'

    Indoor Rower - 10

    Stairclimber - 5'

    Bike - 46'

    TOTAL 306'

    I looked back to see how I have done this month - bit up and down, but .....

    Last week in January - 132'

    Week 1 - 502'

    Week 2 - 229'

    Week 3 - 378'

    Week 4 - 306'

    I think you have helped me achieve a very positive result TheJuggler Thank you very much for running the Challenge. :)

  • Wow, MissisB! What a improvement! Newbiewl has certainly helped to motivate you. I can't wait to see March's figures! :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • I know, it's good isn't it. :) What a difference the Challenge has made for me.

  • Fandabedozy!! :)

  • You are more than welcome! Great stats, just look at how much more than 150 you are doing - an inspiration to us all.

  • You did challenge us though TheJuggler Without that, I could still have been footling and poddling around.

  • Hi there my figures are;

    Walking 210 mins

    Running 93 mins

    spin 30 mins

    body conditioning class 60 mins

    total 393 mins

  • Well done, charliejack, that's a huge improvement on last week! :)

  • Great total!

  • I'd like to echo MissisB's sentiment and thank TheJuggler for organising and managing this challenge. It has helped me be more focused then I might have been.

    Well done everyone, your postings look great. As for me...

    65 mins swimming

    620 mins decorating

    105 mins core strength

    135 mins regular walking

    90 mins electrical work

    53 mins cycling

    Total 1068

  • Woohoo Tiggerr!!! WTG you! Fantastic total, as usual! :)

  • Amazing!! Great work - hopefully a bit of decorating rest on the horizon for you soon...

  • Thank You Newbiewl, good job.

    Rebuilt ceiling that I'd already decorated and put the final layer of artex on this morning. A few coats of ceiling paint and repaint the wall that the flood messed up and yes, enough of this decorating. But then this house is always calling to have something done to it :)

    I guess its like having my own personal trainer... not sure which would be the cheaper of the two :)

  • Wow, what great stats. Congratulations to everyone. :-)

    I would love to join your for the March Challenge, and think I've already signed up with your recent post - looking forward to it.

    Zest :-)

  • My final count for

    February was 404 minutes. Made up from:

    Gym and fitness classes 125 minutes

    Walking for 279minutes

    Really enjoyed slowly building up my exercise-I even went on a cross-trainer at the gym. First time in years, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I will need of build up my time on it but this challenge has helped me move forward in more than one way.

    Well done to the super fit on this challenge.

    Sorry but I don't like the sound of the ballet barre. But 'each to their own' as the saying goes. Lol😆

  • Great to hear the challenge has helped with motivation. Glad to hear you are enjoying it too. I am starting to really enjoy my routine now. Ha ha I won't force anyone into ballet barre and didn't think I would enjoy it but I'm definitely going back! Surprised myself with that one... Great work.

  • Gosh February is over already - thankyou Newbiewl for keeping us in track and to more less for doing the sums. Didn't we do well!

    For my part, I have kept up my 30 minute brisk walk around the park weekday lunchtimes = 150 minutes and I also managed 2 Zumba and 1 LBT class this week = 180 minutes, so a weekly total of 330 minutes. Getting away from the office midday has given me a break from work and I will definitely be continuing. I've even treated myself to a smart new pair of trainers to leave in the office! Got to have the right image ha ha

  • Really glad you are enjoying it and great to get away from your desk isn't it? Ooh I have new trainer envy. Think that is going to be my next mini goal reward. Great work.

  • Sorry I'm late. Didn't have such a good week last week as Storm Doris has kept the golf course shut for several days :'(

    Cycling 54 minutes

    Walking 176 minutes

    Total 230 minutes

    Hours asleep after 16 month old grand daughter stayed overnight for the first time, 14!!!!!

    Thank you @newbiewl for the challenge and for the one to come. Well done everyone :)

  • Hi TheJuggler

    Sorry I'm late with my reply. Well done with the Ballet Barre, Yoga and walking this week.

    My activities for this week are:

    Walking - 410 minutes

    Exercise bike - 71 minutes, still struggling to gat back to 25 minutes a day!

    E-Strider - 35 minutes.

    Total = 516 minutes

  • well I did 180 mins of moderate walking and only 45 mins of strength exercise though I had planned to do more but too tired after work and a brewing cold- but probably could have done it if I forced myself but hopefully in March Hare challenge I'll stick to a minimum of 2 strength exercises a week

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