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Monday 20/02/2017

Went to the gym today

1 hour of cardio done but not sure if I'm doing the best things since most of my fat is on my belly.

I did 20 min on the bike, 20 min on the cross trainer, 2000m of rowing and 10mins quick walk on the treadmill (Injured my knee last year and I'm slowly building back up to running).

I'll be working on the diet. Last week I was in Portugal eating loads of amazing fresh fish and lost 1kg but that's not easy to replicate in the UK.

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Hi Frank_Grimes,

It sounds like you're doing a great job so far with the exercises! Keep it up!

I've started doing a lot of more walking since there is a challenge going on at my job. It has been going on since the end of January and will go through May 5th. I've decided to continue the walking even after the challenge ends since I have lost a little weight here and there, but of course, it takes time.

Welcome to the group!


Hi Frank! Excellent start!

You'll find a great way to attach the belly fat is to cut down on:

Rice, potatoes (potato products), pasta, alcohol, products containing flour (bread, cakes, biscuits).

Fill up on lots of healthy and low calorie veg (do you like veg?)

Do you enjoy cooking or get time to cook? Time maybe to try out a few new and healthy low calorie recipes? The BBC website has some great recipes for between 200-400 cals:


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