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Carbs first for days

Hi Everyone,

Well it has been nearly 6wks no chocolate a major victory for me, 2 weeks no sugar my Trainer suggested I buy mergingue shells (well the flat ones) when I have a suagr craving break one into small pieces and have tiny piece, it worked.

Carbs well today I will be having mash after the gym sometimes it is impossible to avoid. Cauli mash with slimming world sausage and onion gravy don't work.

Good luck to everyone


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That's fantastic that you haven't had choc. I am the same with Diet Coke, used to drink loads, haven't had any since October. Now I don't want it, had a sip at Christmas - didn't like it! Keep going!


Try sweet potato mash with a bit of wholegrain mustard mashed in. it is divine and lower GI than regular mash. Good to hear that you are controlling the chocolate monster. Well done.

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Sorry, I'm not clear what you're saying; what is impossible to avoid?


Certain days or eating out you can't avoid carbs. Not big lover of spuds or rice, can't eat gluten so pasta and bread is out. Spend fortune on veg but good for you so worth it.

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