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Chorizo Crust Cod with cabbage, cannellini beans and a lemon garlic aioli

Chorizo Crust Cod with cabbage, cannellini beans and a lemon garlic aioli

This was dinner - my own version of the Hairy Bikers Baked cod with chorizo crust.

Served it with savoy cabbage and cannellini beans and a lemon aioli (garlic and mayonnaise). I included crushed macadamia and almonds in the crust, lemon zest, chorizo....

Absolutely delicious and very, very filling! In terms of calories, the fish worked out at 389 cals (could make it lower with smaller piece of fish, omitting the nuts, the mayo, etc). The cabbage and beans were 84 cals. My version of the recipe appears in the comments.

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Baked cod with chorizo crust

- 389 calories (including aioli)


Ciabatta or other bread30g

Lemon, zest and juice1 Tbsp/6g

Cod, Loins2 Servings/290g

Almonds, Blanched11g

Macadamia Nuts11g

Vegetable Oil1 Tsp/5ml

Mayonnaise, Healthy Living, Tesco50ml

Garlic, Raw2 Cloves/6g

Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin2 Tsps/10ml


Remove skin from chorizo and slice into thin slices.

Dry out the ciabatta in the oven (about 20 minutes on 180 degrees). Break into pieces.

Peel and crush garlic gloves. Juice and zest lemon. Place chorizo in small pan and heat over a medium heat until juices run into pan. Add chopped dried bread and continue to cook, stirring, until bread pieces are coloured by the chorizo oil. Set aside to cool.

Add the crushed garlic and a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mayonnaise. Stir. Add black pepper, stir and chill.

Place the two cod loins into a oven proof dish which has been lightly oiled with vegetable oil.

Blitz the chorizo mixture, nuts and lemon zest with a food processor or Nutribullet until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Press the breadcrumb mixture on top of the fish, pressing down with the back of a spoon. Place fish in the oven for 20 minutes until crust is starting to colour.

Remove fish from oven and drizzle with the olive oil before serving.


I use a lot of the Hairy Dieters recipes, they are very tasty and filling! Love food with lots of flavour, and spice, and the hairy dieters recipes certainly give you that!


OMG, Pineapple, that looks amazing! You're opening my eyes to all sorts of culinary possibilities! This one is a must! Thank you! :)


That looks lush. I shall be giving this recipe a tryout- soon ! Thanks for sharing Pineapple27.


Oooh that looks really tasty 😊 I'm not a big fan of fish and know I should eat more. Thank you for sharing 😊


Wow that's a fantastic recipe! Thank you for sharing x


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