I have been lazy.

I have put on all the weight I lost before October and some.

I am stuck in a rut.

I have asked for advice, received it and done nothing useful with it.

I am feeling overwhelmed and lost.

I do not know where to start to get back to where I was.

I'm not looking for sympathy, I just need to be able to put into words how I feel. I have avoided the weekly weigh-ins, as I have nothing positive to post there.

I need to get out of this place in my head that I seem to have crawled into!

Thank you for reading my nonsense! ❤


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11 Replies

  • Your thoughts certainly aren't nonsense, BeanZ! They are yours and they are valid! They're also very similar to thoughts that the vast majority of us have also had, so we can't all be daft, or lazy!

    Don't look at the future as a whole, just find one thing that you can cope with now and take teeny, tiny, baby steps, until you find yourself back on track.

    My advice, for what it's worth, is to read Anna61's January Amnesty challenge, to see confirmation that you're not the only one that feels that they're in a sinking ship and to see how others have managed to stay afloat.

    Remember, we're not just here for the positive news, we come into our own, when the news isn't as good.

    You're part of the family and we're all here for you :) xx

  • Thank you Moreless!

    I forget sometimes that I'm not the only that has been through this!

    I will continue to join the weigh-ins, no matter what the results! Is there still space available in the Thursday weigh in?


  • We all have a tendency to get bogged down in our tales of woe and disappear under the radar, but by opening up to each other, we're able to start seeing the wood for the trees :)

    I'll be delighted to have you join us at the Thursday weigh-in, I'll look forward to seeing you there :)

    You can do this BeanZ and we can help :)

  • You took the words right out of my mouth Moreless!!

    Please have a read BeanZ90

    Part 2

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Anna61!

    I've read both of the links and it makes so much sense! It's exactly what I needed to read!


  • Hey BeanZ90 well done for recognising where you're at! You are an inspiration because you can obvs do it, you've already shed a load of weight! So you're back at the beginning again, disappointing yes, but this doesn't have to be you for ever more. Don't be a stranger! Please, please keep posting, reading the inspirational posts of others, and putting one foot in front of the other every day on your way to healthy living. I've got more than 5 stone to get rid of and I'm going to give it my best shot - will you?...xx

  • Yes I'm going to give it my best shot!

    If I've done ot once, I can do it again!

    I'm going to use the quiet period during my shift at work to get to planning some things!

    Thank you for your kind words! 😊 xx

  • That's the ticket :D ...xx

  • You can do this BeanZ90 i know that because you have made this post. You are about your future, you haven't given up and carried on with your life. You are reading and responding. Pick yourself up and start right now! You can do it! We are all here to help because we have all been there at some point - I was there for 20 years! 🤞

  • Thank you EllaMidlands!

    Your words are very encouraging!


  • hi beani, I've felt the same as you, trying to be good,not suceeding,until I decided to concentrate on first sticking to new eating plan 1500 cal up to 6pm, after few weeks started aquacise 3 times a week, now lost 12 lbs 5 stone more to go, reduce your stress levels for a while :)

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