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Back again

I joined about 3 months ago hoping to lose weight for a mini break in Portugal before Xmas but I failed in my attempt! Not only a failure but I actually put more weight on so thought what the hell I'll leave it until after Xmas. Things came to a head 3 weeks ago when I got on the scales and weighed 160.5lbs (11st 6.5lbs)!!!!! That's almost my heaviest weight ever. I'm only 5'2" so that's way way too heavy. So I thought I HAVE to do something. Feeling motivated I decided to try the 5:2 diet. The first week I lost 3lbs in as many days but then put it back on again at the weekend! Feeling very down I tried again and this morning I weighed at 155lbs (11st 1lb) so I'm on the right track. It's amazing how much better I feel even after just a small loss and I know I have a long way to go but I'm giving myself small goals instead of looking at it as such a huge challenge which is so daunting.

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Welcome back Innringer

Think I've had a similar time to you. I've managed to get down to 11st 1lb from 11st 12.5lb since I joined back in October. I seem to be going up & down at this weight & desperately want to drop into the 10st area.

How are you finding the 5.2? I tried it but found it really hard on the days when you only eat 500 cal. Keep focused you've done really well to pick yourself up & start again. Think it's the weekends that cause the problems!!

Good luck

Donster 😀


Thanks Donster and like you my "mini" goal is to get below 11st. I actually don't stringently follow the 500 cals on my fast days but it's usually about 600 cals and I've also cut out most of my alcohol consumption I just have a small G&T before my evening meal at the weekend. For the rest of the week i've cut down my portion size and don't have bread or potatoes, I have sweet potato instead. It seems to be working at the moment so I'll carry on for now. I try to exercise but it's hard as i have a back problem and stiff joints but i do what i can.

Innringer :-)


Small goals are the way to go ☺ you've had a very good loss this week which is an excellent kick start ☺

Best wishes



This is the best place for support and best of all it's free.we all have blips , so little by little .Good luck.



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