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Aladdin the southpaw is back again.

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alaaddinHealthy BMI

after long time ago when I started to lose weight , I was 153 kg and now i am enjoying my weight at 73.4 kg which is great . however, as my height is 175 cm and my weight is 73.4 my BMI is still border line =23.9. My goal now is to take it down to the 23! so 22 or less even. the problem is that i run 3 times weekly up to 47 minutes and in those days where i do run i take more calories than the allowed limit which is 1900 cal /day. the other days which i dont run in i reduce the calories up to 1500 to achieve some balance! but i think this is a wrong habit as my weight is stuck at 73.4! I believe i should maintain 1900 calories daily with no exceptions ! what do you think ? pls help

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You are a healthy weight, so maybe you have the balance right.

The alternative is you look at what you're eating, rather than how much i.e. calories

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alaaddinHealthy BMI in reply to BridgeGirl

so , you mean I have to look how much fat ,carb or protein I eat on a daily basis?

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Wow thats a amazing weight loss. I started at 118 a few back and now a steady 84.5 kg.

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alaaddinHealthy BMI in reply to Tall1732

sure you can do more, no doupt

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Tall1732Maintainer in reply to alaaddin

My weight is probably about what i need to be as start looking a bit thin if drop lower currently at 84.3 kg and BMI of 22.6 which is middle green. Im currently going to the gym and wanting to gain muscle. Still trying to stay within a daily calories of under 2900 which seems a lot for my maintenance weight. Today i will walk 3.5 miles go to the gym for a hour and play tennis for 1 hr and 45 mins so probably will burn a lot off. Always try and walk a minimum of 3 miles plus work and do home delivery so exercise with lifting and walking.

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