Natural Weight Fluctuation

Great to see so many new members have joined since christmas, all with the common goal to smash the excess weight and be healthier.

From the various posts I've read over the years, I've noticed how WEIGHT FLUCTUATION is one thing that we find terribly hard to accept , especially when we're trying so hard to lose weight. It can even destroy our confidence and make us give up entirely !! But weight fluctuation really is quite normal, our body weight changes for all manner of internal reasons and an increase of 2, 3, 4 pounds on the scales is not unusual day to day, and nothing to do with loss of actual body fat.

Three years ago I was overweight. One year later, 2stone lighter and a healthy BMI and now, almost three years later , still a healthy BMI and weight within 0-4 lbs of my lowest.

For example, in maintenance l just tried weighing myself daily last week to see the natural fluctuation. The pattern in pounds was 135, 137, 137, 138,137,136,136 .. all quite normal ! 😊

So yes, continue your weekly weigh in but don't jump off the wagon if its not a loss, keep going and you'll see your reward before long 😊

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  • Morning elliebath

    Your such an inspiration to all of us and especial all the newbies. Great post, love the way you have shown how the weight can fluctuate during the week. That's where some many people get discouraged thinking they are gaining when there not.


  • Good advice, Elliebath! 😊

  • Great post and very wise words ☺ Thank you

  • This is totally where I'm at elliebath! Literally just posted something in a similar vein. I'm trying to prepare ways of making sure my goal weight range will be manageable and a result of positive attitude rather than deprivation and scales watching. It's been slow progress... but getting there! And those natural fluctuations are a big part of it!

  • One idea, try allowing yourself, say a 7 lb variance, but still stick to your maintenance calories, and I bet your fluctuation will never actually be as high as 7lbs , which will keep you happy and feeling in control . For example my 'official' acceptance level is 140 (10st ) but in reality I mostly hover from 135-138. Just an idea ...

  • This is why body measurements are also recommended as a progress guide. But I admit I didnt always have the patience for that, cuz a pound or two on the scales shows up much sooner than an inch or two on a tape measure ☺

  • But when the scales go up a lb or so you tend to find your waist has stayed the same. Proving scale fluctuations really don't tell the whole story!

  • Ha very true, pros and cons to both! 😁

  • This is why it's also important to weigh weekly - not daily! I used to weigh daily and get so disheartened if I gained after practically fasting the day before!

    It will typically take up to 3 days for a bad splurge to show on the scales too - you might find you eat a huge bar of chocolate, but still see a loss on the scales the next day, so think it's ok to have a huge bar more often.

  • Yes a good point about the splurge-delay. I've had that happen too. My reason for last week's daily weighing was just curiosity to see my personal fluctuations . I agree that weekly weighing is enough.

  • I know what you mean - I did daily weighing too, just to work out which day I'm best to weigh in on (in case gym affects my weight). Interesting to see how we fluctuate!

  • Great advice! I still weigh daily, I find it keeps me in check but I know it's not for everyone.

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