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Weight loss trackers are off!!

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So I've dieted most of my life and through the frustration of it all, I have realized two very important facts!! One, a pound does NOT equal 3500 calories! And two, you don't have to cut out all the "taboo" foods to lose weight! For one the calories attached to a food depend on the food, ie; I can eat way more protein than carbs....same calorie count, different outcome! I gain eating the higher calorie count of carbs and lose with the higher calorie count of protein!! And two, when I cut out all the "taboo" foods deemed to be "cheat" foods, I crave them and eventually eat all of them...and I mean all:( So I don't cut them out anymore and have finally figured out what does work!! Only took 20 years, lol!!

I get a lot of private msgs. asking me what I do, well here it is in a nutshell.....

I track ALL my food on HSK's tracker (Health Sidekick) or right off my computer if I'm @ work") I also, log my weight. This tracker's the best, hands down because the allowable calories change daily based on my weight logged, keeping my weight loss from becoming stagnant which I love!!

I walk up to 7 times a week and try to lift weights 3 times a week. Anything additional, I don't log:)

I follow a few forums, one being this one and the other's "No2Binge" on HSK.

So there you go, that's what I do and it works great!!

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Unfortunately you are likely to suffer long-term complications with a high-protein diet because gluconeogenesis produces ammonia and uric acid as side-products.

I was simply saying all calories aren't calculated the same. I agree with you regarding eating to much protein, which I don't do. I was simply saying after 20 years of "dieting" I finally found a tracker that doesn't deem 1lb to be 3500 calories, which has made all the difference in my progress, that's all") I eat everything I like in no certain order and because I log my weight as well, it shoots out a daily "allowable calorie" which they call your "Prime#" that keeps my weight loss from becoming stagnant") In other words, I like my cake and I eat it too:)

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ConcernedAmbassador in reply to sammygirl38

Sorry; point taken :-)

I think our cultural acceptance of cake and such blinds us to the harm of fructose and carbs that spike our insulin/IGF-1.

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Biblia in reply to Concerned

Are you a doctor? You seem very well informed.

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sammygirl38 in reply to Biblia

Extremely well versed in dieting, my experience is hands on with trial and error") Found what works and sticking with it")

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Hidden in reply to Concerned

You are so right about this. I am now a long distance runner and used to consume loads of protein. My kit used to smell awful and I could never figure out why until I read about the ammonia that can be produced and sweat out. I have since stopped eating this in such huge amounts and the smell has gone. Yes I do sweat but that awful ammonia smell in no longer there......

I did make a video about how two of the same calories can be totally different. How one can be a pure carb and offer the body no benefits what so ever yet another calorie can have vitamins, minerals, things that the body will use and utilise.

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sueper5 stone

I totally agree with you about taboo foods - I did that in the past and it doesn't. I limit the taboo foods but still have them just less often and in smaller quantities :)

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ConcernedAmbassador in reply to sueper

Imagine I crave chocolate; I'd have double cream to give me the satisfying mouth-feel without the addictive sugar.

Again, societally we laugh, but the evidence is growing that sugar, especially fructose, down-regulates the pleasure centres of the brain, so you need more to give you the same buzz, and eventually you need more in an attempt to just bring you to what feels like normality, as with other addictive substances.

I personally don't play food games, just eat what I want and log it. Nothing satisfies me quite the same as eating the actual food I have a taste for. With that being said I have no underlying health issues that would stop me from doing so. I personally don't feel like I'm addicted to sugar, just enjoy good food") I do understand for those like my mother-in-law who is diabetic, substitutes are sometimes the only option.

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ConcernedAmbassador in reply to sammygirl38

That's your prerogative of course.

People with type 2 diabetes are normal people that have developed the condition, usually by eating what they want and have a taste for. The problem is modern commercial foods distort our appetites.

Yes, it is! I buy very little pre-packaged foods. Cook/bake organic using "real" food for ingredients. Still, make all the meals/desserts me and my family love, just able to read all the ingredients in the my recipes. Works for me and my family:)

Yep, totally agree with you!! I do the same")

I hate the counting applications to I put all the info Wat I've eaten how much I've exercised and think I'm done then boom all these calories pop up from somewhere and I get anxious and frustrated cos I feel I have to eat more so I'm not using em anymore they stress me out x

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sammygirl38 in reply to kez1610

Stress is no good:(!! If what you're doing works for you then that's all that matters, right")

I used to buy all the low fat, low sugar, low taste foods while feeding my kids full fat, natural foods. We all have butter, full fat cheese, and full fat milk (OH has semi-skimmed as he prefers the taste), cook with olive oil or coconut oil. As you say, log everything and eat accordingly. It so much more filling and satisfying to eat proper food, cooked from scratch, and realistic for the long term. x

Yep, couldn't agree with more fussy")

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