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Day 9 - Yesterday


For some reason when it hits all I want to do is hide on the sofa with my hot water bottle and consume a million calories! Anyone else with me??

First thing I did was take 2 painkillers, shoved the hot water bottle in my bag, put my wellies on (It's Manchester and one must always be prepared lol) and walked the 30mins to work! *PROUD OF MYSELF*

Didn't take any extra money to work so I wouldn't be tempted to buy chocolate! *TICK*

Loaded up with tonnes of fruit, pasta and yogurt *TICK*

Got boyfriend to make homemade curry for tea *TICK*


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Well done on keeping your focus, TOTM is when it's really hard to override the calorie cravings, great work 🌹

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Fantastic! Really well done ☺ If you can manage it, even though it's often the last thing you feel like doing, exercise is really good for TOTM/PMS symptoms ☺A a generous helping of complex carbohydrates are perfect to prevent sugar cravings ☺☺☺

Enjoy your curry ☺

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I feel your pain! I don't feel great today either, although when I hit that time of the month, weirdly I lose my appetite a bit! I went out a walk in Wigan at lunchtime, sans wellies (probably a mistake) and now I have wet feet!

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Oh no! Has it been Snowing in Wigan?

We woke up to snow but its melted into slippery slush now lol

It's strange how everyone has different symptoms isn't it!

Walking definitely helps me though!


No, just the usual rain! I find walking really helps too. I don't get it as bad as I did when I was younger, but the odd month catches me out a bit. We had a brief flurry of snow as I was leaving work last night, but nothing since.

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