I really need to do it this time!

Hi I need to lose quite a bit of weight, I have been overweight almost all my life, I did manage to lose and keep off for about 6 years 7 stone in weight, then I had my children and that and more have gone back on.

I am a classic comfort eater, but this year my son is getting married and I am getting more and more aches a pains, high blood pressure and cholesterol so this is the year I'm really going to do it.

My daughter bought me a fitbit and I've downloaded the couch to 5K and I'm starting that this week.

Just hope to keep motivated.


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  • Hiya, you have come to the right place, this forum is full of non-judgmental, encouraging and inspiring folk! There's lots of really useful info in the Pinned Posts section and you might consider joining one of the weekly weigh-ins if you are anything like me and need help staying accountable!

    Hoping this offers some comfort: I have mobility issues but have still lost weight just through counting calories. So if you are able to do a bit of exercise as well that's fab and will only help you even more!

    I'll keep this brief because it may well be that one of the admin is already replying and I may repeat some of what is said when I click to reply! Good luck on your journey, we are all behind you and this is a great place to help keep the positivity going! :-)

  • Hi Weigtwarrior thanks for the support I'll certainly check out the other posts and keep up the good work x

  • I have a yoyoer all my life but the last August I was searching in desperation for help on the Internet what and how I really didn't know thats when I came across this site and its been absolutely amazing the help support advice encouragement it will help so much reading other success stories motivates you even more Ive lost nearly 4 stone got to be honest havent weighed myself since before Xmas Wednesday now my day least my not normally at work I think I've put on a few pounds but it was Xmas! And I did sin quite alot ....well it wqs xmas!!!! but I've now detoxed lol and am back on healthy eating last couple of days so bring it on a although exercisin has slowed me down I've had a bad back sciatica I think (diagnosed myself !!go app friday) but still doing light stretches to keep me as mobile as poss so you can do it first few weeks are the hardest then you get in to a routine and it just comes naturally so good luck in your journey we are all here to help 😀😀😀😀

  • Thanks and well done on the 4 stone great achievement and we all have a little lapse at Christmas I'm sure you'll be back on track.

    Back pain is the worst I get pains when I start exercising but after a few weeks mine usually goes, I hope it does this time too.

  • Welcome debbieby to the weight loss forum with are a really friendly bunch here.

    As WeightWarrior said take a look at the pinned post on the right hand side, the "Welcome Newbies" post has lots of information and also includes the nhs 12 week plan. feel free to join in with any challenges around that you like the look of.

    Weigh-ins are run Monday to Saturday, so you can chose a day that suits you best.

    Enjoy your first week.


  • Thanks YellowRose55 I really think I'll find the forum a great help and I'll definitely be joining one of the weigh-ins x

  • Well done debbieby you're here and we're all behind you to help and support. Keep posting and join us tomorrow on the Wednesday weigh in.

    As mother of the groom this year you're gonna look amazing but lose this weight for your health. 💞

    I haven't got a fitbit but have heard they can help keep you moving.

    Good luck .

    Jopo xx

  • Thanks jopo I will certainly join you and weigh in tomorrow xx

  • YOU can do it, read the motivated people here.... We are willing you on.

  • Thanks, I've had such positive feedback it really makes me think I'm not alone x

  • Hi there apparently I live near you lol and Reading you bio I am pretty much the same! I have a Fitbit and the same apps! Maybe we can motivate each other :)

  • Thanks Pinklady that's a great idea ☺

  • Is there an app where you can access all this without logging in each time ?

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