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Not too bad. Need to move more.

Calorie intake = 1246 today. Feeling a bit peckish, but know that will get better over next week once I'm properly into the diet.

Moves = 3 stairs, 2881 steps. Got to move more. Desk based job, but need to take the stairs in the office and go for a walk on lunch break.

Calories used = 2094 today

Know what to do - just need to get it done.

Day 1 - pleased with food intake, need to put effort into the moves. Keep going.

Just prepped tomorrow's food, so here goes......

Hope everyone keeping motivated, can't wait for the spring weather.

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Why so few calories, Doithistime? No wonder you're feeling peckish! Have you checked your allowance on the NHS BMI calculator? You'll do yourself no favours by restricting your intake too much :)

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Hi. Just want a quick start week. Plan to go up to 1400 cals next week and find a good balance. I need to do what's best for me and it does make me feel better with a few restrictions.

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Been there, done that, so I understand your thinking. Have you been on diets before? :)


Many times. Always fail though. I'm hoping this forum will help keep me on track. I know where I fall and feel quite determined like I never have before. I just know what it feels like when I'm about 14 stone and want that back. Not slim I know, but good for me. How about you?


Have you always dieted the way you are now? My point being, that if it didn't work all those times before, then chances are that it won't work this time!

I spent 40 years dieting! My weight going up and down, but each time the ups were higher and the amount I was able to eat lower, until I reached 19st 10lbs and thought I was going to die.

I then realised that dieting/starving myself wasn't the way to go. I needed to change my way of thinking and embark on a healthy lifestyle.

I am now 7st lighter and will NEVER be a yoyo dieter again!

Have a look at this, if you need more convincing :)


I hope this helps :)


Thank You so much. I understand what you're getting at. You are right and I'll have a look at what you have suggested. Keep you posted.

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Fantastic!! :)


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