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Confused newbie. Isn't this an NHS run site?

Hi, have seen the thread about admins and weigh ins.

As a new joiner i am a bit confused by it. I actually thought this was an NHS site. Everybody is extremely supportive but apart from the 12 week plan, does the NHS offer any advice etc? Seems a bit odd that there isn't a qualified person offering help and advice. Obviously people who have lost a lot of weight are in a great position to help, but I would have thought some kind of medical background would be needed to oversee things as NHS is named on here.

I'm certainly not slating anybody, just a bit surprised.

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:-). This is a social media community _where folk join and come and go as they please. Some folk choose to take on more responsility on behalf of forum- on a totally voluntary basis. There is lots of experience, advice and support. But no one is an expert.

You will have seen a bit of 'activity' as with the new year coming in a bit of a changing of 'the guard' so to speak

The NHS bit is that they host the site - you will see there are lots of other forums. I think they are a limited number of NHS folk who manage the website

Hope this helps

Ps welcome to the site:-)


These are good questions SarahLDgetthin ! I have been on here since August, and i don't know the hows and whys of how this forum got set up in the first place. Fortunately it seems to be a self regulating site with sensible advice and a positive culture. It is possible that official admins do have control (able to stop spammers or other negative posters) but there are no dieticians on hand as such.

I love this forum and am so glad to have found it so I post and contribute to it as most of us do, to keep it going. At the end of the day it is OUR forum!


Me too Ruby8 - I have found the site incredibly supportive and motivating personally


I have found this site helpful / supportive and when required informed me / others to seek help from their GP

We are not medically trained (although I am a first aider and deal with loads of stuff) we are mainly people in the same boat with different amounts of experience and support each other

If you have a medical issue you should seek advice from your GP surgery (GP or nurse)

Welcome to the forum and hope you find it helpful

Kind regards



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