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NHS Weightloss Programme

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Please someone share with me your NHS Weightloss Programme testimonials and transformations - I am loosing motivation. If you have and recipe, food, and exercise ideas that would be amazing! Pleaseee!! :)

13 Replies
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Hello and welcome, dietingfordays :)

I've had a look at your profile and I see you've made a mistake that many of us make i.e. following the 1400 figure: that's generic and suits very few of us. Head over to the NHS BMI calculator, put your details in there and you'll be given a calorie range suitable for you which will be a good bit higher.

There are members of this forum following a variety of weight loss plans and lifestyles, and all will be happy to answer your questions. You'll find everything you need when you follow this link healthunlocked.com/weight-l... to Pinned Posts. Have a look through them all so you know what's on offer. A good starting point is to join a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and to use the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

I'll also give you the link to today's Daily Chat as it's on the topic of motivation healthunlocked.com/weight-l... Do join in, and do reply to others there - everyone appreciates some encouragement.

Active participation pays off so I hope to see you out and about, around the forum :)

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EveryoneKnows1st 7lbs

I started using it in April 2020 (although with a higher calorie goal of 1700kcals that I got off the my fitness pal app) so far lost 2st9.5 (37.5lbs). I did couch 2 5K and now regularly run, I would really recommend the programme if you want to get into running. Also daily walks are great :) I think calorie counting works a treat but a lot of people on this forum eat high fat/ low carb as a diet.

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dietingfordays in reply to EveryoneKnows

Thanks for replying! That as amazing work, congratulations! I tried the 2 5K, but I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere as I had to keep taking breaks?! Is this normal? I am currently jump roping the 5k times!

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EveryoneKnows1st 7lbs in reply to dietingfordays

I found it hard at the beginning but something I found really helping was slowing down! It felt a bit embarrassing at first but if I jogged really slowly then I could complete all the intervals. And you do naturally get faster over time - now I can run about a 12 minute/ mile (not fast by many peoples standards but fast for me!)I think if you're really struggling to complete a week you could do it again? Sounds like you are doing well with your skipping though

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dietingfordays in reply to EveryoneKnows

Okay, that’s very helpful! I will try that again and go much more slower and I feel I won’t move on to the next stage untill I can compete the current stage.

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Hi, I’m 170 cm tall and started at 135.4 kg, choosing 1450 kcal daily limit. Now I believe it was too low to start with but it did work for me. I don’t really know what NHS weightloss programme involves - I simply just counted calories first, then started reducing sugar and white flour products, increasing vegetables and ditching low fat products. About a year later I added Time Restricted Eating and since then I limit my food intake to 8 hour window each day. Last Monday my weight was 72.5 kg, so one could call it a success story 😊

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dietingfordays in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Hi, thanks for replying! That’s fanatastic, how long did did it take to get from 135kg to 72kg, like when did you begin calorie counting? Yes I completely agree the 1400 mark isn’t that hard for me personally, I do sometimes go over but only by 50kcal or so.

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to dietingfordays

I started July 2019, so it’s a year and a half now. It didn’t feel long at all I have to say, as I didn’t have a target in mind or even the aim to lose weight as such. My aim was and still is to learn to live each day in such a way that my weight doesn’t go up. This brings a lot of peace to my mind, because if I’m happy with my choices today, I’m not going to be highly upset if my weight tomorrow is slightly higher due to natural fluctuations. And if I’m not too happy with my choices - I can make sure that I make better ones the following day. I’m wishing you all the best with your choices 😊

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Hi it worked for me took 4-5months to loose just under 2 stone, I did use the 1400 /day but must admit sometimes I went over I had 50 calories range either side. I love trying to balance the calories/day and food planning but I know some people find that a bore. I still calorie count even though I am a maintainer because I know from experience I have no sense of portion control and the weight will gradually creep up over 6 months:( it finding what works for you and also what you can maintain for the long term. If you dont like working out the calories in the food you plan to eat a day then maybe look at alternative eating regimes. If it because you are feeling hungry then look at the BMI calculator and it gives a lower and upper range of calories- I would go for mid range. Good luck

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dietingfordays in reply to RG07

Thanks for replying, that’s my aim - to loose weight and then continue to calorie count when I am maintaining my weight as I know I will let loose and put it all back on!

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to RG07

I’m with you on this - I had no sense of portion size and always ate to finish whatever is around, unless I forced myself to stop. I’m quite sure I will need to count calories for the foreseeable future in order to keep my portion sizes in check. A lot of people say that calorie counting is annoying but for me it turned out to bring a sense of control. It’s a habit now and it doesn’t bore or annoy me at all. Fingers crossed it will stay like this 😊

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Familytree674st 7lbs

Hi , I started on the nhs 12 week weight loss programme in Nov 2017. At the time I weighed 15 stone 7 3/4 pounds , height is 5 ft 1/2 inch . My GP said that when I was feeling better we needed to talk about my weight. I went home and talked to my husband and he said perhaps you can do it without joining SW or WW again ( went to both of them over the years) with little success . He googled the nhs for some ideas and showed me the nhs programme so I printed the sheets off and made a start. At the time I took 1400 calories as my guide, I have seen since that the admins suggest checking on the BMI calculator but I didn’t join this group for the first six months . I started weighing everything out and writing it all down making my own record sheets. I have continued counting and weighing ever since apart from holidays when I still write down the calories but my husband helps me to gauge the weights of food, as I’m not going to take my kitchen scales to a hotel with me. I do little exercise but we do go for a walk weather permitting everyday but that’s all.

Doing this I have lowered my blood pressure and my cholesterol has halved . My GP was so pleased with my progress and encouraged me to keep going. I would like to get down to a total weight loss of 5 stone so have not far to go but several operations and recently my husbands surgery have taken over though I do manage to record an STS each week .

I follow a low fat diet due to having gastritis and have to make sure I don’t eat certain fruit veg and cheese which make my gastritis flare up .

I wish you all the best with the weight loss programme you finally choose. If you join one of the daily weigh ins on here you will get lots of support and encouragement from the members here.

Sorry this has ended up longer than I meant it to be but hope you get some inspiration from the members in here.


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Hi I started the 12 week diet plan 6 months ago. I downloaded the app and also the easy meal app and active 10. The easy meal app gave me lots of recipes and were as it said easy to plan and cook. I quickly learned that everything I made was for 4 people which normally my husband and I would have finished in one sitting. So it was all about portion size. I did weigh everything at first but soon learned how much things weighed. All calories are counted for you. My husband lost 2 stone in 12 weeks and I lost 21 lbs. I am now at my maintenance range but hubby is on his second 12 week course. I still cook the easy meals as it helps me to maintain. Its finding the right amount of calories for you. I put dinner plates away and use small bowls. We are used to small portions now and I never feel hungry. Its the picking on snacks that I found hard so I don't have any in the house. I always keep some calories for the evening as that's my worst time. The active 10 app helps and records exercise. I can only power walk because of age and arthritis but it tells me how far I have walked. This plan is something I am determined to stick to for life now as I don't want to put weight back on. Its not always so easy and there is always temptation to give up but there is plenty of motivation on this forum so good luck and welcome. X

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