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It's got to go!

Hey everyone.!

Happy new year to you all.

I just want to start by saying by looking at this page in the first place we have all decided somthing needs to be done about our weight.. so we'll done to us that's the first step🖒

Over the last 10 yrs I have lost 4 members of my family (not due to weight).. two brothers... and in 2015 I lost my father and just last March I last my mother..

Also in 2014 I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer..

So during my chemo I was told the steroids may make put on some weight.. boy did it!

The weight just piled on.

Until the diagnosis of the cancer I was hitting the gym for 3 hrs a day.. was losing weight and was feeling great ..then bam.. hit with that news..

Then with the loss of my parents..I just started comfort eating..so now..this is my start I need to lose weight or they won't do my breast reconstruction..

So wish me luck and if anyone has any great healthy tips send them my way please

Oh I'm a 48 yr old woman 😊

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Hi there,

Happy new you to as well, this is the year you are going to be successful. And I plan to be joining you for the next 12 weeks possibly longer?

Oh I'm a 47 yr old Business woman


Hi lisaxena . My goodness you have been through a lot.

Well done for dealing with all of that and emerging the other side.

You will find lot's of help and support on here. Take a look at the Newbie post on the pinned post area, as it has lot's of useful information. (You can find pinned posts on the right side of the screen, or t the bottom if you are on a mobile)

I wish you all the best on your journey. Keep posting and reading on the forum, we're all here to cheer you on!

Happy New Year!


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May 2017 bring you the health and happiness you deserve. You have been in a difficult journey and now it is time for you to do what is needed for you and your future. Good luck! :-) :-)


Hi 👋 good luck happy health for 2017 I'm starting today!

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Happy new year everyone ( ye im a day late :) ) Please can you tell me what i do to join the Monday weigh in xx

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