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Hi there - I'm new here! Bit of a cliche joining on New Year's Day, I know. My problem is that since going through the menopause, my metabolism seems to have zoned out and I can no longer eat or drink the volumes that I just took for granted before. However, I haven't told my head that, so I'm still eating the same amounts. Combine that with a relatively new career change into teaching ( evenings and weekends spent planning and marking - free time to exercise - what's that?! ) and my weight over the past ten years has rocketed. To my shame, I have gone from exercising 5 x a week to none. I am concerned, not only by my appearance and self-confidence, but also about my BMI and the risk factors to my long term health. I do eat a very healthy diet - I'm vegan and always cook from scratch daily - but I need to eat less and exercise more! Please inspire me with your success stories - I would love to hear them. At the moment it seems like i have Mount Everest to climb :-(

My daughter is getting married in August so I don't have much time!

Thanks for reading.


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  • You've hit the nail on the head Poweredbyplants. Your metabolism is suffering from high insulin/IGF-1 levels compounded by menopausal hormonal changes.

    Try getting more of your calories from nuts (but not peanuts), avocado, coconut, and olive oil, avoiding high-glycaemic/insulin spiking foods (such as refined flour - including wholemeal, refined cereals - including Shredded Wheat and Weetabix, sugar, rice, cous cous, potatoes, parsnips, beetroot, pumpkin, melons, ripe bananas, pineapple, broad beans or baked beans), alcohol, fructose, processed vegetable oils and additives.

  • Thanks for the advice! I was actually going to up my fibre intake of breakfast cereals, rice and wholegrains, so maybe I'll take a look at that again.

  • Much better to get fibre from vegetables that are kinder to our gut.

    The best grains are small amounts of whole-oats, bulgur wheat, quinoa or barley .

  • Hi Poweredbyplants

    Welcome, there is lots of information here! Read around and look through old posts.

    On the right there are some Pinned Posts (Welcome Newbies) look through them. There is a 10 week NHS plan which is worth working through. Follow people who are active now, chat to them.

    I was in the same state as you (I am post menopausal). I know it's the exercise makes the difference. I 'know' food. I have reduced quantities. I also try to keep off the bread/rice/potatoes carbs. I've lost around 3 stone total. (Would like to lose another 7 pounds or so, have been stuck for a few months or losing very slowly).

    I don't feel able to run so I have had periods where I have swum trying to make myself swim harder (I learned to do front crawl) or power walked regularly.

    Oh! and reading posts is great... so long as you then get off the laptop and get outside or down the gym!

    For me, it was less about food and much more about moving. I say to myself "Move!" - In fact, I'm saying that now, nearly 12 o clock and I need to get out. You?


  • Hi Frankie - that's really helpful. thanks. Like the previous reply, you've recommended keeping off carbs. Having always followed high fibre/high carbs/low fat diets, I think I need a bit of a lifestyle change! I'm going to follow the 10 week NHS plan, and try to follow the 0-5k running plan too. Once I get moving, I'll probably crave food less too, hopefully. It's pouring with rain here at the moment and I'm a fairweather runner!

  • You probably can't eat/drink previous volumes due to less exercise - if you used to exercise 5 times per week and are now not exercising at all. I was at my heaviest after having my children and I lost weight before I started exercising - I went from over 13st to 10st, so it can be done. The 5:2 "diet" worked well for me. Good luck :)

  • Thanks MummyPhus! Yes - I'm really missing the exercise - I don't feel as flexible or as fit as I did. When I got on the scales this morning (haven't weighed myself in over a year) I was horrified to see that I am now more than my pregnancy weight - the heaviest that I have ever been. Then when I got the tape measure out to get my vital statistics, I was mortified - and shocked! It's amazing how you can be in denial! That's what prompted me to join this site. Well done - losing three stone is amazing - I hope that I have the same determination and willpower! I'll look at the 5:2 diet too. Thanks :-)

  • Welcome and good luck. I also joined to get healthier and lose 3+ stone. Keep posting updates and reading the posts on here for motivation. There is also the Monday weigh in to help keep you on track and record your weeks journey

  • Hi Sugarplum. Oooh thanks for that. I didn't know about the weigh in. According to the BMI indicator, I have to lose 2 stone 4 lbs to be in the middle of the healthy range, but I'd be more than happy to just lose 2 stone and convert some of that fat to muscle! Thanks for the encouragement :-)

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