festive weight gain

well I start the year weighing at 118.4kgs (18st 9lbs).. Which means Ive put on 1kg since the weigh-in on 19th December.

I was doing really well but for last couple of days I've lost my way a bit with food and eaten what I liked but no more it has to stop ...

I'm starting dry January so no alcohol anyway for me now so thats a start anyway.. just need to get back to eating low carb again.

Need to get my head back in the right place if I'm going to achieve my 6-7stone loss by the end of 2017 so need to get in the zone.. I will do it!!

Wishing everyone luck in 2017 & hope you all achieve your goals and be happy x


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11 Replies

  • Hi and Happy New Year to you.

    1kg is good for the festive season and you will soon be rid of it.👍

    6 st over 12 months is 7lb a month so just under 2lb a week which is a very doable target and a safe one too.

    Good Luck first half stone by Feb 1st here's to those falling numbers on the scales. 😊👍

  • thankyou..

    Yep that's my 1st target. 7lb by end of Jan... I'm in it for the long haul this time and not for a quick fix.. x

  • You will do it, small steps. A kilo is really good for Christmas, I have in the past put 7 lbs on - easy to do, not so easy to get back off.

    I am trying to get back on the straight and narrow, but have quite a few left-overs to finish up, hoping my husband will finish them up.

    Good Luck x

  • haha.. I've just this minute said to my hubby he has to eat the shortbread that is left... otherwise it will keep calling me when I have a cup of tea !

  • happy new year . I'm new on here but my goal is also to loose 6 stones x

  • Brill.. we can do it together and make 2017 the year we lose this weight x

  • that would be great to have a weight loss buddy x

  • You can do it 😀 Getting back on the wagon is hard but think about how well you were doing 😀

  • yeah I know... just need to get rid of the goodies that are still lurking in the house.. I'm at my mums for dinner today so might take some round there !

  • I know it seems wasteful but I threw it away 😀

  • yep.. but im sure my husband & 3 kids will oblige if I tell them they can eat it all haha

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