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Hi, I want to lose weight for a few reasons but mainly because I have health problems and because I hate the way I look and feel. Now I know that you are thinking that hate is a strong word but I actually do hate the way I look and feel and also because my husband had a nasty stroke in October last year and I don't like having the thought that if something happened to me he'd be on his own. I don't mean that he was paralysed in any way he was very fortunate enough for that not to happen, but he's got a disability anyway and I don't plan on going anywhere yet anyway. I want to be around for him and to look and feel better about myself as well as for him for as long as possible. I hope that I can get hints and tips on how to keep the weight off and how I can get the best possible results.


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8 Replies

  • Sending you positive thoughts and a cyber but, and hope that 2017 is a good and succesful year for you both.

  • Thank-you ever so much, I'm going to try just about anything and everything to lose the excess weight

  • Wishing you all the best on your journey - Have a read of the pinned Newbie thread as there is loads of helpful info there :)

    Wishing you both a happy and healthy New year :)

  • Thankyoufor your support I'll give it my best and try to resist my occasional urge to binge

  • You can do it

  • Thank-you for your support, I really hope I can as I occasionally get the urge to binge on some foodstuff that won't do me any favours

  • Happy New Year Feeling_Totally_Fat!

    Have you seen the Public Health Collaboration's guidelines? They focus on getting appetite under control by eating real food, then adjusting portion sizes to enable you to lose weight whilst enjoying what you eat. It's an ideal way of eating for anyone that accepts that processed foods such as vegetable oils, sugar, flour and additives aren't good for us.

  • No I don't think that I have but Thankyou for showing me the details for the link. I'm open to suggestions on how I can get the best possible results regarding losing weight and shall at sometime today or tomorrow have a look at the information in the booklets

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