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A health cost effective meal

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Hello would you health conscious individuals consider this as an option:

1/2 Baked Butternut Squash 41p

5 Baked Carrotts 28p

4 Baked Tomatoes 36p

200g Baked Chopped Potatoes flavoured with Rosemary & Garlic 50p

100g Textured Vegetable Protein Barbecue Flavoured Cutlet £1.50

Fruit Salad with yoghurt topping 75p

1 bowl Lentil Dall 30p

Cheaper and healthier than a takeaway burger or takeaway chicken dinner.

Perhaps we should advocate health nutritional home cooking as opposed to fat saturated takeaways.

Marcus Rashford has taken many cheap shots at this countries senior politicians regarding providing nutritional sustainable school meals perhaps his next mantra should be to encourage sustainable nutritional home cooking rather than dining from unsustainable fast food eateries.

How about Marcus Rashford posting his daily nutritional input let's see how often he dines on fast food takeaways!

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Plenty of fresh ingredients but it's a bit heavy on carbohydrates for me and I'd rather have a real cutlet than a textured vegetable protein one.

What's your problem with Marcus Rashford?

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ThefightisworthitHealthy BMI in reply to BridgeGirl

I agree the meals are very carby, but they could be made when you know your going to be very active that day because your body will need the energy

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to Thefightisworthit

If you're working at 65% maximum capacity your fuel demand will be roughly 50:50 carbohydrate to fat, but at 25% of maximum it is only 20% carbohydrate to 80% fat. Carbohydrate has been over-emphasised.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to StillConcerned

Please would you suggest where they are excessively carbohydrate heavy.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to Thefightisworthit

The words of encouragement are welcome.

Please would you suggest where the excessive carbohydrates are.

I am 6ft and am maintaining a BMI in the range 19.5 and 20.5 with my bodyweight in the range of a welterweight and super welterweight.

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ThefightisworthitHealthy BMI in reply to Tony_Singh

really its just the potatoe one, butternaut squash one and lentil one, but my definition of carb heavy is probably different than yours because I am doing lazy keto, but like I said earlier they're really good for intense workout days because your body does need them for energy

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to BridgeGirl

My meal works for me and is cost effective personally I do not believe it is carb heavy however if you are able to show me where it is carb heavy I would be grateful.

My issue with Marcus Rashford is simple. He is taking cheap shots at Boris Johnson and Health Secretary at these difficult times without focusing on the real issues.

Why does he not publically criticise irresponsible parents who prioritise spending money on alcohol, tobacco and drugs ahead of feeding their children.

Why does he not publically criticise irresponsible parents who prioritise spending money in fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizzarias and Kebab Shops rather than going to Tesco"s buying fresh fruit and vegetables and cooking at home.

Why does Marcus Rashford not have the courage to criticise the Billions of Pounds spent on Millitary Weapons, Fighter Aircraft, Naval Aircraft Carriers. Globally unnecessary money is spent on Military activities. Collectively we should be calling for peace and why does Marcus Rashford not have the courage to call for the end to global poverty and global malnutrition.

Hence I say he is taking cheap shots at politicians without fully grasping the concept.

The reason I ask for Marcus Rashford to post his nutritional input is for people to realise what constitutes healthy and unhealthy nutrition.

Also the reason I use vegetable protein is because I recognise the risk of Prostate Cancer hence being a vegetarian.

It is not just talking the talk but walking the walk and following a globally sustainable set of nutritional inputs.

It is all about grasping the bigger concept and dealing with obesity and bad nutritional practices which place pressure on the NHS.

Marcus Rashford is a footballer not a politician and is doing something extraordinary to help children. It is a shame he has to bring these facts to the attention of Boris Johnson and the cabinet. This is not a Forum for political point-scoring and I'm disturbed that you should go on the attack like that, especially your remarks about parents prioritising alcohol and drugs instead of their children's welfare. How many do you know who do that and how many do you know who go hungry so that their children can eat? Shame on you Tony_Singh.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to ANGIEIRISH

At the start of each football match Marcus Rashford takes the knee. Ask him what emotions he feels if any.

Global poverty and global malnutrition is atrocious.

Free school meals just scratch the surface of financial irresponsibility within society.

Billions are squandered on weapons and armaments the whole education sector needs additional funding.

The obesity pandemic sweeping the country is unacceptable the NHS has to pick up these costs.

Fast food conglomerates line their pockets and the expense of the vulnerable.

Saudi Arabia does not have the issue of food banks and child poverty neither does it have widespread alcohol abuse and drug abuse.

We all recognise that fast food and alcohol contributes to obesity it is time we oppose these two imposters and have courage to distance ourselves from them.

Well that is if we really care about the soul and spirit of our country and the wellbeing of our country.

It is time proper research is undertaken into spend per person on alcohol and fast foods.

That shall be an eye opener for society and that is where Marcus Rashford falls short.

End of conversation. No politics allowed on this Forum. Go try it on FB.

I’m confused by your comments about Marcus Rashford. This man has just persuaded the government to fund free meals during the school holidays for children from the economically poorest families. To me this is an admirable achievement. Am I missing something?

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to Fran182716

The issue is more than free shool meals.

It is about irresponsible behaviour from parents who prioritise alcohol, tobacco and drugs rather than feeding their children.

It is about challenging irresponsible behaviour behaviour where parents go to McDonald's, KFC, Pizzarias and Kebab Shops to feed their children rather than advocating buying sustainable fruit and vwgatabkes from Tesco"s and advocating cooking at home.

Marcus Rashford should raise the bar and deal question the Billions of Pounds that are globally wasted on the nuclear armaments when there are such high levels of global poverty and malnutrition.

How often does Marcus Rashford pig out on fast food.

It is about global sustainability rather than just taking cheap shots at Boris Johnson.

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Fran1827164lbs in reply to Tony_Singh

Marcus Rashford is a footballer, not a politician. He is trying to help those in extreme poverty. Years ago I admired Jamie Oliver for his efforts to improve children’s diets in and out of school. These are just my opinions.

I’m not going to engage in a political argument, this is a weight loss forum and not the place.

So - going back to your meal idea above - I like the sound of all of your food, but that would be too many carbs for me for one meal. Without the potatoes I would enjoy all those foods spread throughout a day rather than one meal, with another small natural fat and protein source at each meal.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to Fran182716

Profound words and thanks for identifying the potatoes were where the meal may have been a little carb heavy.

Your sentiments are also warmly received.

A weigh loss forum must highlight the tragic costs to the countries NHS that obesity, diabetis and prostate cancer brings.

Fast food outlets irresponsible marketing practices easy access to alcohol and fast food are all contributory factors of the above

Parents must be persuaded to welcome and respect sustainable home cooking rather than just bring a revenue stream for exploitative fast food businesses such as KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Parlours and Kebab purveyors just a few to mention.

Tobacco packets carry health warnings, the alcoholic drinks sector supposidly supports drink aware yet where are the health warnings re obesity and prostate cancer in cafeterias, cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants.

The food sector needs its own ombudsman to make society aware of the risks and costs to society of bad nutrition and to advise politicians how fiscal policy and appropriate taxation is able to influence and challenge behaviour.

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You haven't been round here long so I guess you haven't noticed that just about everyone here already does "advocate health nutritional home cooking as opposed to fat saturated takeaways".

Your food isn't bad but your politics, which don't belong here anyway, are distinctly suspect. Anyone who persuades this government to do something sensible and humane is fine by me.

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ANGIEIRISH in reply to slipstick

Good on you. Rashford is up there with Jamie Oliver in my book. They may be millionaires but they know what is right for our children and they know better than to enter into political arguments with elected officers who alone can decide on defence spending.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to ANGIEIRISH

Free school meals scratch the surface of global improvement.

That is why Billions are squandered on weapons globally, Covid-19 shall be a real wake up call and it is only a matter of time before countries realise they are unable to squander current levels of spend on armaments.

It is only a matter of time before excise duty on alcohol, tobacco takes a huge hike and there is a huge uplift in sugar tax and fat tax.

If people really care for the health of the country and the NHS they shall be singing from my hymn sheet.

Marcus Rashford has built a pedestal for the cause of sustainable healthy nutrition however does he have the desire to build on the concept.

Tony_Singh profile image

There is nothing suspect about my sentiments nor is there anything wrong with expressing concerns regarding irresponsibility.

Anyone with a modecom of intelligence realises that obesity, diabetis and prostate cancer is a shame and an indication of irresponsible behaviour and nutritional practices.

Anyone with a modecom of intelligence realises that parents prioritising expenditure in pubs, off licences, tobacconists and drug dens is not only irreprehensibke but morally and ethically abhorrent.

Globally sustainable practices in farming and raising food standards must be applauded and appreciated.

Anyone with a modecom of intelligence realises the deeply entrenched sentiment of taking the knee.

Collectively we must resignise squandering billions of pounds on exasperation of the global weapons race ahead of dealing with global malnutrition and global oiverty is also morally and ethically abhorent.

Talk is cheap when people lack the conviction and sentiment of their actions.

Let's not talk the talk but walk the walk.

Sobering thought, sobering sentiments though do we all have the understanding and intelligence to practice what we believe ⚽🙂.

Tony_Singh profile image

We must be honest are we to accept mediocrity or are we to aspire to excellence.

Fruit and vegetables are advantageous fat saturated fast foods hinder sustainable and healthy nutrition.

Perhaps it is time for all those in the edocational sector to seize the moment and highlight fat saturated foods result in an intellectually dumbed down nation.

Childhood obesity results in human beings with lower IQ scores.

Those with low IQ scores are drawn to homophobic, misogynistic and xenophobic sentiments the very sentiments the mainstream thinking in school's are distancing themselves from.

Schools should be asking for appropriate fiscal policy which encourages parents to follow prudent practices.

My English master taught us the saying casting pearls before swines, how many teachers and health care professionals really care about obesity and fiscal irresponsibility. Or are they only interested in where there next glass of Chardonnay is coming from!

slipstick profile image

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can spell modicum and diabetes and a few other common words. And it's a shame your "English master" didn't teach you the difference between there and their.

I find your demonisation of parents, poor people and the overweight "morally and ethically abhorrent" and amazingly insensitive in a forum dedicated to helping people with their weight loss. You appear to be going out of your way to offend people. I will not be reading your ignorant off-topic garbage again.

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Tony_SinghVisitor in reply to slipstick

Regarding my spelling you are absolutely correct I have lived with my dyslexia since my childhood day's.

My English master was a genius and persisted in pushing me towards my goal of passing my O Level which was an amazing achievement.

I am not alienating people just emphasising that either we are genuine about doing what is good and correct and genuine about dealing with obesity or we sit back and further allow this countries NHS fall victim of societies failings.

I do not demonise parents however it is imperative as a society we recognise the harm of alcohol and fast food outlets.

Society must also realise that the the hospitality sector is the cause of much of societies failings.

Talk is cheap and easy walking the walk takes effort and pain that is the reality.

For years society has been failing our young people that is why this countries NHS is creaking at the seams.

Hospitals in the North are bursting at the seams with Covid-19 cases. Obesity places stress and strain on the bodies respiratory system.

It is time people woke up to these issues.

I appropriate behaviour is only changed should people want to change their behaviour.

When inappropriate behaviour is challenged people should not become unduly defensive.

Tony_Singh profile image


Tony_Singh profile image

Be honest do the health care professionals really care.

If they did care they would be doing a great deal more and would challenge the countries executive.

Obesity is crippling the countries population leaving the countries health care system on the verge of collapse and just opening the doors for those who are able to buy private health care to further isolate themselves from the mainstream.

Teachers require applause for their efforts just think what they could do with additional funding.

The global weapons trade takes funding away from sectors such as education and health care. I trust you agree with me there.

If you have the humility to agree with me regarding the need for additional funding for schools and the NHS then you should not object to a substantial increase in sugar and fat tax plus a substantial hike in alcohol duty and tocacco taxation.

Society is now demonising smoking how long before society has the courage to demonise pubs and fast food outlets.

Why is obesity such an issue in the North and why are there so many pubs and fast food outlets in the North.

It is time society really researched these issues and thus time society dealt with these issues.

Talk is cheap getting the results takes effort does society really want to get the results.

Every pub that closes is a step in the desired direction.

Only by the eradication of demerit sectors will the merit sectors prevail.

Pubs and off licences are little more than liquid crack cocaine dispenseries.

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