Introducing my sorry self. -_- :(

Hi, This is my first time, I have joined in any support group. I feel like I really need you guys right now. I have tried several times to reduce my weight. Needless to say, it never really did work out. I can stay on a course I set for my self for about 2-3 days at the max. I was a skinny child, now I am bordering on obese and am certainly over-weight. Have a BMI of 27.3. I am generally the but of all over-weight, 'cylinder' jokes. I put on a brave face there, but really feel very low about myself on the inside. But the cake certainly goes to the incident, I face a few hours back. It was new years celebrations and my aunt who hasn't seen me in about 2 years, made a large show of not recognzing owing to my overgrown size in front all my relatives and THEIR friends. Really, what does one do in that situation? Apart from shying away with shame. I am generally a happy person, love living life to the fullest. But situations like always manage to set me back to my place. But I Dont want to go there anymore.

-_-. I want to feel beautiful inside and out. Want to gain back my self-confidence. I plan to follow my new year Resolution for the first time. I am now 70 kgs. I want to be 60 by the end of the year.


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13 Replies

  • Hi you can do this. Do it for yourself. Small steps. I to have 3-4 stone to lose. Let's go for it 😊

  • Well you know the saying you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.

    Well done for using this to motivate yourself and just imagine next year's New Year celebrations when you've lost those extra pounds and are looking fab.

    The NHS 12 week plan is a great place to start and you'll get lots of support from this forum.

  • Hi really sorry to hear of your aunts behaviour. Friends and family can often be so cruel about peoples weight.

    But you can lose it! You'll find many on this forum who've lost amazing amounts. Like you I was told I was borderline obese and now I'm just borderline overweight and aiming for the middle of the healthy range.

  • I am sort of thankful for her behavior though! It gives me enough motivation to finally take this seriously.

    Best of luck reaching your goal :)

  • You can do it!! You sound very determined , and you should be proud of taking your aunts cruel and unkind words and turning them into positive motivation.

  • Thanks a lot! Hope I can do it.

    I have walked a 7Km today. it counts as progress right? :D

  • of course!

  • Hi Happy New Year! I am also new and feel it can only help having support from people who understand what it is to feel overweight and all that it entails. Had my fair share of negative comments, classic one was from my mum in law, Are you obese???!!! I was so shocked and incredulous I just burst out laughing! I have begun to realise their comments can stem from their own insecurities and not really about me. I am going to lose weight and more importantly be as healthy as I can be in 2017. No pressure, one day at a time. I have found cutting out as much sugar as I can really helped last year. Sugar has been my emotional crutch all my life but realised it really screws up my hormones and found getting it out of my system with a three day detox really helps. It hasn't been plain sailing though as I do fall off the wagon when faced with worries and stress. Just need to find non-eating coping skills. A bit of a ramble this morning but hopefully some of it makes sense 🙄 Wishing you good luck and happiness for 2017!

  • Thanks a lot!

    Can you tell me about teh three day detox you were talking about? A link should do :)

  • Hi sorry for the slow reply but I lost where to find you lol 😂 I have kind of made up my own detox. Cutting obvious sugar laden food first, sweets, cakes and biscuits, then moving on to the rest. It is quite an eye opener how much sugar is in everything we eat. I have also cut out all diet drinks completely. I used to be hooked on Diet Pepsi which just made me crave sugar all the time. Haven't drunk the stuff for at least 2 years and feel much better for it. I have also found certain books very useful namely 'Sweet Poison' and 'The Sweet Poison Quit Plan' both by Dan Gillespie.

  • Go for it! People can be cruel but let it - and your weight - go! You are more than your outward appearance and just do what needs to be done for your own health and well being. There will be lots of people here ready to give you plenty of advice on your journey. Good luck with all your endeavours! :-) :-)

  • Hello, your relatives sound a bit like mine! Can you believe a horrible uncle once criticised my weight gain at my mother's funeral?! I think that you just have to pity people who have to put others down in order to make themselves feel good.

    As you do';t seem to have a lot to lose (like me), I think you have to face the fact that you will need to be quite strict with yourself, whatever regime you try. On the other hand, the job shouldn't take too long to do if you apply yourself, unlike those people with a lot to lose who face many months and years of effort.

    Best of luck with it - I am going to ensure that I get rid of my last 10lbs-1stone this year, the sooner the better. I don;t do silly strict diets, but I am going to count my calories carefully and stay off the junk food and alcohol until the job is done.

  • Thanks a lot! :D

    hope we will achieve our goals together by the end of the year :)

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