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Looking forward to the New Year

I am preparing myself for the new year ahead. I have settled into the habit of having chocolates and other nibbles around the house over Christmas, but they are almost gone now, and I am off to the supermarket to buy lot's of fruit and other low fat foods!

I am cooking a nice new year roast leg of lamb for myself and my daughter tomorrow, and I think there are a few mince pies left, I'll have them tonight, then that'll be it!

I can't wait to get back to eating clean!

See you in 2017! :-)

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I'm sure you'll get back to your clean eating once the holiday period ends. For me its been a bit like going away on holiday, you over indulge a bit, but towards the end you start looking forward to going home.

Enjoy the New Year and hope the supermarket trip is motivating, filling the fridge with healthy foods is always a positive start.

Happy New Year.


Thanks @PashaW.. Happy New Year to you too. :-)

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Hi Ruby,

A bit like you I've had a house full of goodies, but after today anything left over in the sweetie cupboard is being carefully wrapped and put in my outside store cupboard until Easter. Also like you I'm looking forward to "eating clean" as much as I enjoy all the sweets, chocolate, cakes etc I'm looking forward to not eating them!

Best wishes, enjoy the roast lamb, it's beef for us.


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