I treat myself today

As I've been good for a while now and exercising loads & managing to lose 5.5lbs this week I thought I deserved a treat. so......... i treat myself to a pedicure which involved a lovely leg massage to ease my aching legs from all exercise I've been doing. it was so relaxing...

This is a big change for me and I would usually reach for chocolate or a takeaway to reward myself so think Im really in the weight loss zone !!

I've decided that going forward for each 5kgs I lose I will treat myself to a pedicure or massage something to make me relax and pamper myself and give me something to look forward to & earn !

Anyone else set themself a weight loss reward ?


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20 Replies

  • Well done on your weight loss and your willpower👍👍😁

  • Now that sounds like a fab idea - may just steal that, really fancy a shoulder and neck massage

    Well done on your loss and great idea of treat and motivation

  • Go on treat yourself... I feel very chilled out now after mine.. and i dont have a glass of red wine either haha.. instead I have a glass of beetroot juice which looks like red wine !!

  • mmm not sure about the beetroot juice, normally I have fizzy water in a wine glass, but tonight had wine due to celebrating a friends birthday :)

  • it's the 1st time I've had beetroot juice myself haha... but it was quite nice... I will be having the real thing on Friday so saving myself till then !

  • Haha! I like beetroot juice but I'm not sure about it in place of wine! Have you ever tried big tom? It's tomato juice with a hint of Tabasco, it's delicious!!

  • ermmmm.. I dont think anything can replace wine haha... I've not tried the tomato juice will look out for it x

  • I do like tom juice with some water (to thin it down a bit) with added Tabasco and worc sauce

  • Great idea Bigmama. A very well deserved reward.

  • yep.. it was a lovely pamper session !

  • Great idea to treat yourself with a pedicure - that sounds lovely! You have done really well...

  • thankyou x

  • Well done on your weight loss. You have certainly earned a treat, so enjoy. Pedicures are one of my special faves. Not just the pampering, but the lovely one-to-one chat with no interruptions. Sets me up.

    As a weight loss incentive I have just bought two dresses for my April holiday. At present they are rather too tight, but as a work-towards over the next few months - well - what could be a nicer project? My weight loss is extremely slow so I need an attractive incentive.

  • brilliant incentive.... mine 'clothes' goal is to get into a size 16 top ! good luck with achieving your reward x

  • What a lovely idea, my treat to me a new , well new to me , ebay cashmere jumper in a rose colour, I love a bargain, and at under £10 it will be lovely for christmas!

  • Can't beat a bargain.. enjoy wearing your new jumper x

  • Oh i will, and I hate, yes hate being fiddled with, even at the hairdressers, I'd rather have a cat cuddle, no massages for me!

  • You ought to treat your feet regularly, Bigmama, particularly since they may have begun to feel a little weary as a result of your increased endeavour, thus, welcoming the opportunity to have the spring placed back in their step.

    As a runner, I appreciate just how important both the care and health of the feet is, in ensuring that performance isn’t hindered by the occurrence of blisters, callused skin and stiffness that can occur through repeated impact with the ground.

    While they’re regularly treated to the use of a foot roller, to help ensure their suppleness, nothing beats a foot massage at the hands of a good therapist, to thoroughly revive and re-invigorate.

    Other aspects of foot care are now very much self-administered, since having tried salon pedicures in the past (yes, I have), I simply couldn’t handle the sensation of another working the exfoliating scrub over my feet, largely due to personal disposition.

    Nonetheless, since pedicures are something that you enjoy, with each small accomplishment, ensure that you continue to treat yourself, since the effects of a pedicure (or massage) are far more rewarding than a bottle of wine or chocolates.

  • I absolutely love having my feet & legs masssaged and always feel better afterwards..... yesterday when they were being massaged my feet were a bit crunchy and she asked if my back was hurting .. and it was a bit achy but afterwards my back felt better too x

  • I'm incredibly fond of a foot massage too, as I find them to be a great stress reliever; I'd go for one every week if I could.

    Still, in their absence, my massage roller is the next best thing.

    With regard to the grainy areas, I guess the therapist was well tuned into your reflexes, observing where pockets of tension happened to be present.

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