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Hi guys, I have never been a fan of exercise all my life, however i have come to realize that i am only 17 and my body and joints ache already from the lack of exercise. Today i decided to start off with easy exercise that i can do in my room and that is squats. It is a start but i am hoping it will change things so that i don't ache all the time.

Stacey x

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Hi Stacey,

Well you should be pleased with yourself as at least you have recognised it's time to make the move and be kind (may seem cruel at first!) to yourself and your body.

Squats are quite demanding so you will have some good legs and balance if you keep it up.

I've just started kettlebell training at home and that is supposed to be a good all round exercise and fat burner. That includes squats and if you like to exercise in private then maybe you might be interested it that. And if you get a DVD for beginners then at least it is structured. But be warned when you first start it pinches those muscles 😄

Good luck in whatever you do but stick with us here as there are some amazing people to keep you going : )

Walwyn99 in reply to Sheepdogs

Thank you! I am quite please i just need to keep it up and i have a beginners dvd but due to lack of space i am unable to do it so squats see like the only suitable thing to do with the amount of space i have. But i love all the support and encouragement on here! Thank you so much!

hi... well i always think any exercise is better than nothing so keep at it and I'm sure u will find an exercise u njoy.. maybe even walking to start with and download the 'couch to 5k' app to get u moving.

Walwyn99 in reply to Bigmama99

that is true and i dont think you can get the couch to 5k app on iphone as i have looked before. x

swmidgetgem in reply to Walwyn99

You can get it as a podcast hun. I've got it on my iphone :) x

Walwyn99 in reply to swmidgetgem

Ah really? Wow ill have to try and get it xx

Hello Walwyn99.

Squats certainly is a start and you may well feel it in the thighs tomorrow morning.

However, to help you expand your bedroom exercise routine, considering incorporating 20 bursts of the following with a 10 second rest in between.

Power jacks (lower into a wide squat before rising up into a jumping jack).

High Plank Jacks (Adopt a plank position with derriere slightly raised, before jumping legs out to the side and back to the centre).

Hot feet (Imaging you're stepping upon hot sand, so have to raise the knees up and down quickly).

Mountain Climbers (Assume a high plank position and alternately draw the knees in and out as quickly as you can).

Burpees (Lower into a squat, place hands of the floor and thrust legs backwards, pull them back in to behind your elbows and throw hands in the air as jump back up).

Jumping Jacks (I don't think any explanation is required)

Rotating Plank (Assume a normal plank position, but rotate hips from side-to-side without allowing them to touch the floor).

Perform the above as a circuit, repeating if you feel as though you have the energy. Don't worry though, as your body adapts, you'll be able to increase the amount of circuits completed.

However, don't forget to warm up thoroughly beforehand and stretch afterwards.

Walwyn99 in reply to MrNiceGuy

Oooo this looks good! I might start this tomorrow and start off slowly and doing only a few and thenbuild it up x

To begin with, focus upon maintaining form, rather than the speed or amount of repetitions you're able to complete.

As the body begins to adapt (rest assured it'll be forced to), with increased muscular endurance, you can concentrate upon performing the movements at a faster rate.

The first and second occasions will be difficult, but once you come to the third time of trying, you should begin to find the exercises a little easier. Just be sure to take a day's rest in between, allowing the body to recover, while also increasing your intake of lean protein, to help repair the muscle fibres.

Walwyn99 in reply to MrNiceGuy

Im taking it all slow and steady and then building it up

Sorry to sound dim - but what is a plank position😊

Hi that’s a good start I’m not a fan of exercise either but if you can do a little bit each day it all helps. keep going and we’ll done 😀

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Hi how about joining a dance class? Or aqua aerobics? Something you enjoy? As long as you are moving, you are exercising.

Maybe a young people's hiking/ adventure group? Chance a bit of everything and see what you enjoy the most 😍

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