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Newly diagnosed with EDS & POTS

Hey everyone.

I've just recently been diagnosed with eds & pots, have always had symptoms for both my whole life but only now after a long string of failed doctors unknowing what's wrong with me I can now begin my journey.

My main issue has always been stomach pain, but 7 weeks ago my back collapsed on me, I have discovered I have degenerative disk disease in 3 of my disks and I have 3 completely prolapses.

I have just been put on the waiting list to have surgery on my spine, so in the mean time the surgeon has suggested I keep really healthy to keep my bmi down before surgery- currently have a bmi of 28-28.5

From the eds and POTS diagnosis I was told by a nutritionist that was with me in the app that I have to cut out 99% of carbs. So no pasta, bread &I rice ect

I need to intake more salt. LOTS more veggies I need to have a very colourful plate

If I have anything sugary (whether it be a good dark chocolate or an orange) I need to balance it with a couple of nuts.

Has anyone got any suggestions on an easy dinners/lunches that I can do that will keep me full up! But not just pasta salad, or rice salad as I can't have them.

It's all new to me, I am healthy anyway, but I have always incorporated carbs into my meals :(

Help pretty please

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Hi StephiewaK

I'm sorry about your health problems, they sounds quite nasty!

I don't have the answer, but did do a quick search on Google for carb free (or very low carb) meals - perhaps check out this site:


You could always do a search for carbohydrate free meals and see what takes your fancy 😃

In the meantime I hope you don't have to wait too long for the surgery and wish you all the best 👍

Mouse 🐭


Thankyou so much for your lovely reply! That is greAt, maybe next year will be my year 😜 Haha x


Drink warm ginger water

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Also try Black pepper powder 2gm twice a day before meal

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Sorry you are having these health problems, and trying to go carbohydrate free isn't easy 😕 Have a look at the links suggested and come back and let us know how you get on 😊 Good luck


Thanks love. Yeah, I will do my best! My other half works for a personal training company so he has a world of healthy eating stuff for free just no recipes, and stleast he likes eating healthy! There is no way I'd be cooking 2 separate dinners just because I can't have stuff !

The internet is a wonderful place haha


Try spiralizing courgettes, sweet potato etc and use instead of spaghetti.

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Dear StephiewaK,

I had to look up EDS and POTS as I had never heard of either, and I'm sorry to hear about your situation - they can clearly make ordinary life very challenging. On the diet front, I am no expert, but I wonder if you might find the diabetes.co.uk website useful as they have a load of cookbooks available online if you register with them, as well as a very welcoming forum. You don't need to be a diabetic to register - I'm not, I was just interested in a low carb approach to eating and of course diabetics have to keep a careful watch on their carb intake. For example, I downloaded this one diabetes.co.uk/downloads/lo... where there are lots of savoury dishes that could be eaten along with a plate of vegetables instead of rice/pasta/potatoes.

Might be helpful - hope so!



Thankyou for taking some time from your day to look it up? I really appreciate that, means a lot!

Ok I will register for that indeed! I think it does sound a lot like a diabetics diet really like balancing the sugars ect.. so could be very helpful


Perhaps The Blood Sugar diet might give you some recipe suggestions too, as it uses a low carb approach. Hope your health problems will improve for you.


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