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Oh my god! Need some serious help!!

So I was doing really well, consistently loosing and excited when I crept below the 100kg mark the other week but my weigh in this morning has made me want to cry! In 1 week (since last sat) the scales say I have put on 6lbs?!?!?! How is that even possible?! Ok so I went to a wedding last weekend and ate and drank a lot but Monday I drew a line under it and got back on the wagon! I've exercised 30 mins for 3 days this week and I wouldn't say I've eaten anything much different to what I have been when I have been loosing!! I'm hoping it's just a little blip but it would help if I knew where I went wrong and there was an explanation for it! I've even gone back through my food diary and nothing stands out as being something that could be the cause!

It's really upset me and i feel I've lost all motivation as a result! :( I need some help! :(

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Hi, I can't account for you gaining the 6lbs but be assured that on this journey we all have our blips. Sometimes it's gaining after a sustained loss or just being stuck and not losing anything. I'm sure someone will come along to offer a more qualified explanation but it's happened to us all at some point I'm sure.

You have managed to get back on track and I'm sure you'll see a change for the better soon so don't be too hard on yourself. Xx


I am sorry you feel so sad today. It is disappointing when this happens and can feel very disheartening. Did you keep a track of your calories at the wedding? It seems that is the only thing you did differently. Try again you were doing so well. I recently got stuck at a weight going backwards and forwards with a lb loss and a gain but I just told myself to keep going to stay focused and it had to go down. I think it's really hard not to notice the negatives in a situation we can be so self critical but if you were to chart your weight loss it would mostly have a downwards line and that is the most important thing to look at trends because weight can go up and down. Remember all the good changes you have made healthy eating and exercise it will pay off πŸ˜€


Good morning LHerring, Please don't let this blip end your journey. Draw a line under it and keep focused as you have been. Look how far you have come. I just took a look at your last post and you were really pleased with yourself and rightly so. As others have said these things do happen from time to time and the gremlin on oUr shoulder will always encourage us back to our bad old ways. DON'T LET IT WIN !

Good luck and well done on your achievements.


Keep focused, think of how well youve done so far and you got right back on track after the wedding! This is only a blip in the road. Im sure next week youll see a loss again! Good luck :)


Hormones/water retention/bowel habits .. . All these affect the number on the scales πŸ˜• Please don't despair πŸ˜• If you stick to plan you will lose fat, it's a scientific fact 😊

Good luck and best wishes


When you exercise, we hold onto extra water while our muscles repair ourselves. The morning after I've done an aerobics workout, I always weigh a bit more, but it soon evens itself out over the course of the week.

I guess as some of us are or have been yoyo dieters, we have a tendency to throw in the towel at the first hurdle. The trick is to just keep going. I bet if you asked everyone on this forum, I'm pretty sure that all would admit that at some point in their weightloss journey, they have gained weight. You need to look at the overall trend over a period of weeks.

Good luck πŸ€ We're all here for you 😊


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