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Totally Lost it for a While

I know. It is bad. Over the past week I haven't a clue about what I have eaten, but just needed to eat. Sorry, Mum passed away last Monday and nothing else mattered really. But I am getting a grip on my life again and wanting to get back into getting a bit thinner!

Love reading all the positive and supportive comments and even the negative ones give you pause to think and reflect on your own weight loss/health journey.

Thanks everyone.

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So sorry to hear about your mum - I lost Dad last NY Eve so get where you are - be gentle on yourself, there will be loads to do in both the short term and further into the future - just try and eat healthily with plenty of veg and fruit if you're too stressed, emotional and busy to keep track of what you're eating - and try and sneak some time to head out into the fresh air for a walk even if it's just round your neighbourhood from time to time if only to give you thinking space with the added benefit of a little exercise - be reassured the acute pain of loss will dull eventually (((hugs)))

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Just sending a hug castiggy. It took me a long time before I got past that horrid numb feeling and felt strong enough to really focus on getting my life back in order so it is very early days for you yet. I agree with Annabelle; a bit of fresh air and exercise when you can and eat as healthily as you can, but as for keeping close tabs on what you eat, well it could be a welcome distraction, but it sounds like it's adding more stress to your life at a time when you are still reeling from the shock of losing your lovely mom. Be kind to yourself x


Sending virtual hugs to you @castiggy . Look after yourself xxxxx


Hi so sorry to hear about your loss just do whatever you have to help yourself at this time, you can sort your eating out when you feel strong enough but plenty of fresh and healthy meals will give you a good basis even if the odd comfort food helps along the way. Take care and best wishes Bev 💐💐💐💐


So sorry to hear about your loss. Make sure you look after yourself, not losing weight at a time like this isn't a big deal, as you've got to emotionally and mentally support yourself as best you can.


I am sorry you lost your mum, Castiggy, that is so hard and my condolences go out to you at this very difficult time.

Of course the last think on your mind is your food, in fact, I know when my mum passed away, I was unable to eat anything at all for a couple of weeks and even thinking about preparing food was beyond me.

But you must look after yourself, so try to eat healthily when you can and rest and recuperate and time will heal.

Pop by and let us know how you are doing, we will be thinking about you.


Sorry to hear of your loss. be kind to yourself


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