A walk to Easedale Corrie

A walk to Easedale Corrie

Loved my day today! I was suited up in my cycling tights and top, a tshirt, jumper and coat along with 2 pairs of socks and gloves! We walked up following a waterfall to Easedale Corrie. It was pretty steep and I thought I would be struggling to walk it but was at the frount end of the group most of the way! Really surprised at my fitness! The walk was stunning, even saw some really fluffy sheep on they way up. Looking forward to another day walking in the lake district tomorrow although its nice to be back drinking a warm cuppa and hoping to see some snow tomorrow. :)

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  • Oh how lovely, AuraShadows! You lucky thing! :)

  • Sounds like a great day! Lovely photo.

  • Hope you have another beautiful day walking tomorrow.👍😊

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